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Free forever push notifications for everyone.

Feature rich, high volume notifications for web & mobile, deep analytics and easy-to-use dashboard

Benefits to our clients.

We're building easy-to-use push notifications product to boost engagement.

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Boosts Engagement

Retain your audience and get more engagement on your Website and Mobile App.

RSS Push Notification

RSS to Push Automation.

Link your website's RSS link and your audience will receive notifications as and when you add a new blog.

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Targeted Notification.

Send targeted notifications to your users by creating unlimited segments.

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Track all your metrics real-time with our dashboard

Monitor user engagement and plan your future campaigns with metrics we provide. Identify with quick glance and make better decisions to improve CTRs with our advance dashboards.

Frequently asked questions

How much better is Push notifications than email?

Depending on Industry- it is 5X to 10X

Is there any limit for no. of websites, notifications or users to send?

No. It's unlimited and there are no restrictions on any feature.

Do we use personal data?

We collect cookie data which is completely anonymous. We don't take any user data like name, email,etc,.

I need help for Migration of users from another tool.

Your old subscribers automatically migrate when you place Truepush code in your website. However, all your old subscriber should visit the website once. Reach out to if you have any queries.

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