Emojis could be a huge part of today’s online and mobile experience, whether you wish it or not. Emoji marketing has become an important part of our expression while sending a text, or after you chat together with your friends, etc. Most people found it as an improvement thanks to communication. While sending web push notifications many benefits are using these expressions. An honest practice to enhance your open rate is to incorporate emojis in push notifications. Remember to figure out the improving push notification subscription rate for your website.

Many people’s decisions are more easily influenced by emotion instead of facts. Seeing those little positive images can provoke a nice association and influence the user’s emotion.

Including Emojis in your push notifications is straightforward. However, we see that several of our users aren’t taking advantage of this neat little feature. So, if you’re not using Emoji in your web push notifications yet, now’s the time to do.

emojis in push notification

Reasons why you should add Emoji for push notifications engagement

1. Emojis Boost Push Notification Open Rates

Emojis can increase open rates in push notifications. A look was done by Lean Plum and App Annie to appear over the open rates of web push notifications with and without Emojis. And, unexpectedly they found the pros on adding emojis to push notifications. Mobile marketers can boost open rates of their web push notifications 85 percent by including emojis.

Standard push notifications are only opened 2.44 percent of the time. Web push notifications that contain an emoji are opened at a far higher rate of 4.51 percent. That helps mobile app publishers or marketers improve engagement with users and customers, and it’s an enormous step the trail to monetization.

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Image by Leanplum

2. Emojis help to boost Customer Service

Emojis have proved to be one amongst the foremost productive means of nonverbal communication and thus helps in boosting customer retention. It denotes a spread of emotions that may okay communicate through live chat, social media, and so on.

One should use emojis in customer service because it helps to point out empathy, creates personalized communication, Reduces negative responses, and helps to attach with millennials.

Emojis became an appropriate style of communication. Include Emojis in your push notification messages, and your users will feel it’s a more personalized message and that they will reply to it.

3. Helps in improving Marketing Campaigns

Push Notification messages help to enhance your marketing campaign. A mention of how Taco and Dominos used Emojis as a part of their marketing strategy are live examples. but them, other biggies like Coke, Burger King, Mentos, IKEA, and even the Pope have their Emojis which helped them to enhance their promotional campaigns.

Popular brands like RetailMeNot, PINK NATION, GIF Keyboard, etc have proved that the employment of Emojis in notifications will drive more clicks and thus will generate more leads.

4. Emojis Increase brand awareness

Emojis are great visuals that stay longer with an enduring impression within the minds of the user. Using them in your push notification messages will boost your brand. Yes! Emojis help to spice up brand awareness. Emojis can work great in improving the top-of-the-mind recall about your brand among your users, and switch them into brand advocates. These days all brands choose using emoji marketing as they’re getting good results.

For example, Disney used emojis to extend brand engagement, Dominos letting customers use a pizza slice emoji to put an order to Baskin-Robbins using frozen dessert cone emojis in their tweets So while sending web push notifications using Emojis, it alternately boosts your brand and increases brand awareness.

5. Emojis save space and time 

Push Notification Messages have only less character space to convey a message. So, sometimes it’s a tricky job indeed to urge the correct message conveyed with limited text. this is often when Emojis involves your rescue. They save space and time.

Using emoji characters rather than words, you’ll shorten your text and pack more words into the primary line of your push message (remember that several users don’t read the whole push notification and instead just briefly examine the primary line).

push notifications

6. Emojis Can Outperform Images

A messaging A/B test with images against Emojis was gone by Canvas, a drag-and-drop design app, in association with Lean Plum. The result proved that Emojis are powerful enough and may outperform images by 9%. instead of using images in your push notification still experiment more with Emojis while sending push messages. The sky is the limit when it involves emoji engagement.     


7. It saves, boosts & improve User Retention

According to the information coined by Kissmetrics, the retention rates is increased to twenty and also the number rises 7 times if they’re personalized push messages.

Yet another app ran an experiment with emoji web push notifications that we analyzed in our report. For US users on Android smartphones, the day two retention rate increased by 28%. When users engage along with your app from the start, they’re more likely to stay around. We’ve found that if you’ll be able to increase retention during the primary 10 days after install, you’ll increase retention for the complete first month.

emojis increase

8. Less text, easier to read

One of the explanations why emojis are popular among users is that they will convey plenty more words than what the particular words do. Emoticons are small images, thus they’re easy to recollect, convenient to use, and an appointment of multiple emojis could make the message more engagingIncorporating emojis in your notifications can increase readability significantly while using less text. Users don’t have time to read lengthy notifications and your goal is to allow them to get your messages even with glances.

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9. Android users demonstrate the next inclination to emojis

If you’re an Android developer, emojis can single-handedly push your engagement strategy to the following level. The effect of emojis on app engagement in Android is more astounding than in iOS. Android users are enjoying the visual delight offered by emojis more because web push notifications in Android stick around longer within the notification screen.

In numbers, web push notifications with emojis in iOS were opened 50% over the same old messages while, in Android, a whopping increase rate of 135% was recorded.

andriod and ios push notifications
  Image by Leanplum

10. Boosts customer engagement

In 2016, the utilization of Emojis by marketers to spice up customer engagement had increased in size by 108%. quite 100 emojis were added for the identical including the rainbow flag, David Bowie tribute, gender options, family representations, etc. Emojis play vital roles when it involves social media well. Statistical reports from social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc proves that it enhances communication. Realizing the very fact that 92% of internet users use Emojis while sending messages and visuals have more impact on people than plaintexts, there’s little question on the very fact that Emojis boosts customer engagement.

Use the proper Emojis for your audience while sending push messages and it’ll facilitate your connection with the users on an emotional level.


The users always demand content that keeps them engaged. So, it’s considerably essential to take care to send push notifications which will spark them and so apparently resonate with emotion on a private level and at scale. We’ve seen how effective emojis were in conveying emotions and connecting to users. they will offer plenty of better options than simply simple text that we were wont to in web push notifications. Always be clear along with your message, the emojis you utilize and it should be relevant.

Emojis in push notification messages can get you to pass the primary impression with the shoppers then facilitate your drive higher open rates, more conversions, and also greater connections along with your user. Along with this follow the push notification best practices to get maximum results.