Do you know you can learn more about your visitors by analysing your website? Yes, your website is streaming with data that can help you in many ways.

Analysis website regularly gives you clear information on elements you are lacking and strategies to improve accordingly. But how do we gather this valuable information? What metrics do we need to check for? Whether they are accurate or not? Do we have any web analytics tools to analyse the website?

For answers to all these questions dive into this article.

Why are web analytics important?

Business success depends on the ability to understand and analyze the data from customers and competitors. So, you can make modify or update your website services. But to check all these you need a web analytics tool.

Web analytics tool converts the raw data from your website into meaningful insights that help in creating website profiles. These tools are designed to track the metrics like site traffic, visitor engagement, browsers, and page views and report them.

Benefits of Web Analytics Tools

  • Measure visitors & traffic sources
  • Check for website bounce rate
  • Track assigned business goals
  • Optimize & track marketing campaigns
  • Know what your customers exactly need
  • Track your competitor's campaigns and websites

and there are many more.  

Website analytics tools help to use your resources efficiently in the right campaigns and increase the ROI of your business. Let’s check the effective and top website analytics tools in 2023 and see high website performance with a low marketing budget.

Top 15 Web Analytics Tools 2023

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will become a favourite website analytics tool for beginners. It is a free and easy-to-use tool that serves all the statistics required to optimize your website. It runs deep analysis and gives predictive reports using various machine learning algorithms. The tool is serving website owners since 2015 in tracking website traffic and reporting. Users can access numerous informative tutorials on using the tool along with online help.

Features of Google Analytics

  • Visualize reposts in terms of bars, graphs, and pie charts and share them easily
  • Generate reports on the audience, user behavior, advertising, conversions, etc.
  • Understand the steps required to reach a goal with funnel analysis
  • Seamless integration with other Google products to manage all metrics in one place
  • Set specific goals and measure the progress and impact on your business.

Pricing: Free


This website analytics tool free is designed to help users identify the visitors’ patterns and draw important insights. It is considered the Google Analytics for WordPress websites. With Google Analytics tools you need to understand many reports and eliminate which are not suitable for your industry. This is where MonsterInsights comes to a view to get reports of necessary metrics and make quick decisions that work best for your business.

Features of MonsterInsights

  • You don’t need to write any coding lines to install the tool.
  • Check all important metrics reports on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Customize analytics for your websites like eCommerce, blogs, etc with different metrics.
  • Know the top-performing content, post tags, tags, and searches on the website.
  • Auto tracking of affiliate links, banner ads and other outbound links.

Pricing: Free & Pro


It is one of the best website analytics tools for 2023 trusted by top websites globally. Track the user interaction with the websites or mobile apps and get stats that are useful to make data-driven decisions. The tool is the best option for SaaS products and eCommerce websites.

Features of Mixpanel

  • Track the metrics in terms of a time period which means you can choose the start and end date to compare results.
  • Know how your visitors navigate your product using flows.
  • Customize your reports to understand them more clearly and quickly.
  • Auto update of the key segments like city, browsers, devices, etc when there is a deviation in metric performance.
  • Add formulas in insights and calculate the required metric and include them in reports.

Pricing: Free & Paid


Searching for an alternative to google analytics with high data ownership? Then Matoma is the perfect website analytics tool for you. It is the best tool to measure your visitors’ behaviour on the website. With the tool giving high importance to GDPR and CCPA you have complete control over where data is stored and accessed.

Features of Matoma

  • Understand the visitors’ behaviour and target your potential customers.
  • Know the strength of your content and optimize it to make an impact.
  • Create funnels and observe your users’ steps to reach a goal.
  • Custom reports with over 200 metrics and get the insights you need.
  • Easily embed tracking codes to your website without the need for a developer.

Pricing: Free trial & Paid


Web analytics are made easy with the Statcounter tool. It has an easy interface tool that helps you track visitors’ behaviour and understand the shortfall and optimize the website. You can check the stats anytime and anywhere on their mobile application available for Android and iOS. 

Features of Statcounter

  • Easily integrates on top CMS platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.
  • You can track the metrics for a period of time and compare them.
  • Check the paid traffic performance and plan your budget accordingly.
  • Get notified when a visitor returns to the website and observes the journey.
  • Know traffic percentage from sources like direct traffic, social media, reference links, etc
  • Get information like visitors’ locations, browsers, OS, platforms, etc that can assist in building your website.

Pricing: Free trial & Paid


It is a powerful web analytics tool that captures the raw traffic data following your website and provides simple and interactive reports. The tool is the best solution for SaaS and eCommerce websites that deliver all metrics needed to succeed in the competition. It is the best alternative to google analytics with better metrics to make real decisions.

Features of Kissmetrics

  • Track the customer’s journey from visiting the website to checkout across all devices.
  • Set up funnels for your goals and know the visitor’s drop-off points.
  • Provides effective customer support apart from the documents.
  • Know your big spenders, popular searches, high-viewed pages, categories and more.
  • Reports the key activities that caused the high fall or rise of the metrics.

Pricing: Free trial & pricing


Know the key insights and user interactions with your website using this web analytics tool. It provides solutions for every industry website to acquire and retain customers. The tool provides every detail of your customers’ first step on the website. You can integrate the software easily with over 600 different applications across various platforms.

Features of Woopra

  • Track the customer journey and know the touchpoints to improve.
  • Highly customizable reports with various performance metrics.
  • Analyze customers at individual levels like website interaction, category searches, downloads, etc in one platform.
  • Set up triggers for user interaction like sending push notifications, emails, etc.
  • Track and analyze any growth metric over a desired time period.

Pricing: Free & paid


Get advanced analytics of user activities on your website and get key insights to optimize your website. This web analytic software metrics concentrates on driving conversions, increasing engagement and growth of the product. The tool has thousands of trusted clients across the world using the tool to improve website performance.

Features of Amplitude

  • Tracks and visualize the real-time insights of user activity on the website.
  • Analyzes the reports at different levels like accounts, users, segmentation and funnels.
  • Custom reports and dashboards for quick access and analysis.
  • Funnel tracking to know the steps of user interaction with the website.

Pricing: Free & Paid


Hotjar website analytics tool reveals user behaviour and visualizes the data reports of the website. The tool analysis helps you to improve your website user experience and help you understand user behaviour in depth. Along with product analysis, the tool provides user session recordings, surveys and feedback widgets. This website analytics tool is very helpful for eCommerce websites.

Features of Hotjar

  • The tool visually represents the user’s clicks and scrolls on the websites.
  • You can create websites that resonate with users using the analysis reports.
  • Analyze the customer journey maps to spot the touchpoints and optimize.
  • Easy tool integration on hundred of CMS platforms.
  • High user data privacy with GDPR and CCPA.

Pricing: Free & Paid


This is the perfect website analytics tool for content websites like blogs, news & media, and publishers to build readers’ trust. Chartbeat analytics reports assist in improving the content quality that engages the users and captures attention. It provides critical insights into website content and knows what’s keeping your readers on the page.

Features of Chartbeat

  • Track the metrics like pageviews, uniques, engaged time, etc for different web pages
  • Know the performance of the article and optimize the content.
  • Filter the reports with location, device, date range, and platforms for better understanding.
  • Find your best readers and content that resonates with them.
  • Simple integration process and is compatible with many platforms.

Pricing: Free trial & Paid


Heap is the best alternative to Google Analytics that helps you in understanding your website visitors. It provides the complete details of the customer journey on your website or mobile application. The tool works best for SaaS, eCommerce and finance service websites. Avoid the guesswork and use real-time digital insights in developing your website.

Features of Heap

  • Customize your dashboard with critical metrics and get instant insights. 
  • Quickly share reports with the team and takes data-driven decisions.
  • Hassle-free integration and setup process which doesn’t require any developer knowledge. 
  • Get reports on user behaviour, product adoption and funnel optimization.
  • It measures user clicks, taps, page views, swipes, form submissions and more.

Pricing: Free & Paid

Crazy Egg

It is one of the best website analytics tools in 2023  that can help you to optimize your website instantly. You can easily analyze all the important metrics in one place and adapt to new ideas. The tool provides solutions for eCommerce, education, and lead generation websites. You can also find plugins for all popular website builders for easy integration.

Features of CrazyEgg

  • Heatmaps visualize your visitor’s scrolls and clicks of the website.
  • Know the high scroll depth of the webpage and add a CTA button to get more clicks.
  • Simple A/B testing helps you to know the best practices and working ideas.
  • Compare the performance of traffic from different sources easily and know your target audience.
  • Build your own performance reports with desired metrics.

Pricing: Free


Get a complete analysis of your website elements and build a website that captivates visitors and improves your business. Indicative integrates with other platforms easily to access data and provide insights. Have a better understanding of the customers’ journey by analysing their interaction with your website.

Features of Indicative

  • Add funnels to know the touchpoints in the customer journey.
  • Customize, export and share your reports easily with team members.
  • The drag-and-drop dashboard gives complete details of all KPIs.
  • Segment users and learn about different groups of customers.
  • Behavioural cohorts to know features and campaigns engaging audiences.

Pricing: Free & Paid

Adobe Analytics

Analyze the data from anywhere and get insights into your customer behaviour. The tool helps you to record every action of the user on the website and creates reports that can help you to reach goals in website performance. This tool is not suitable for beginners as it takes quite a  time to learn the tool interface.            

Features of Adobe Analytics

  • Bring all your data from different sources under one roof and get timely insights.
  • The tool uses AI and machine learning and shows opportunities to make things easy.
  • Know the metrics like time of day, browser type, OS, time spent, device type, etc.
  • Integrates with other data platforms to pull the user interaction data.
  • Use flow analysis to view the customer’s journey and know the clicks and when they leave the website.

Pricing: Free & Paid


Analyze your website effortlessly using the Similarweb website analytics tool. This is the best software available for small and mid-size businesses. The platform is suitable for digital marketing & research, eCommerce, investment, and sales websites. It is trusted by the best digital brands in the market.

Features of Similarweb

  • Websites can know their competitors’ traffic sources and targets.
  • It is also available as a browser extension for easy access.
  • Reports what users are searching, digital trends and traffic shares.
  • Find the number of visits over time and location for a better user understanding.

Pricing: Free

Yandex Metrica

The web analytics tools list is incomplete without the Yandex Metrics tool. It reports from traffic sources to real-time user behaviour on the website. The tool has high scalability and can analyze a high amount of data with no delay or abstractions. You can set up 200 goals per website and integrate data and track the events.

Features of Yandex Metrica

  • Check the traffic data and learn which channel is driving targeted traffic.
  • View reports of user session recordings, and heat maps to understand user behaviour.
  • Customize dashboard with key metrics and make quick decisions.
  • Visualize reports with graphs, date range, audience segments and more.
  • Know what content is working in engaging your audiences.

Pricing: Free


Zuko web analytics tool is specifically designed to track the off points in online forms submissions and cart abandonments.  This tool is helpful in understanding the users and optimising the forms and websites. When we say forms you may think about simple ones but these forms are important for websites to build a relationship with users. 

Features of Zuko

  • You can easily know how your forms are performing with real-time analysis.
  • Conduct A/B testing and compare results easily in the Zuko dashboard.
  • Start tracking form fields and know the user drop-offs.
  • Get alerts when a user breaks from filling out the form.

Pricing: Paid


GoSquared website analytics tool analyzes the user data on your website and provides you with key metrics. This tool is assisting websites since 2006 in optimizing and growing their websites. It has gained the trust of thousands of businesses from various industries across the globe.

Features of GoSquared

  • Real-time analytics sources, content, devices, locations and more.
  • Automatically notifies about metric drops to take immediate actions.
  • You can export the reports with one click for further analysis.

Pricing: Paid

Get details on how your website content is performing and driving meaningful results. The tool works with result-oriented analytics which helps creators and marketers. You can break down the audiences according to the region and check the metrics to understand audiences.

Features of

  • Export and schedule report easily to the team with quick access.
  • Get metrics for your content like post views, post visitors, minutes, average engagement, total shares and more.
  • Check metrics for a given time period and know what happened in the past.
  • Know where your audiences are coming from like web, Android, social media, etc.

Pricing: Free

Open Web Analytics

Open web analytics is one of the best web analytics tools. Learn how users are interacting with your websites and mobile applications. Analyze the data from different platforms with no limit on data analysis or the number of websites. 

Features of Open Web Analytics

  • Monitor analytics like views, bounce rates, visitor types, and traffic sources in the dashboard.
  • Check the heatmaps to know sections of high clicks on the website.
  • Know detailed page views metrics on the websites.
  • Set up an unlimited number of site actions and track them on the dashboard.

Pricing: Free


If you are not using a website analytics tool then you are not doing the right things to attract users to your website. This is because you have no idea who are your visitors, what they are seeking, and user interaction with your website. 

With countless web analysis tools, you need to choose the perfect one that can provide specific data for your website growth. Here you can find a list of web analytics tools 2023 that are suitable for every type of business website. Choose the best one according to your requirements and budget.