Know about how where are we on receiving push notifications on ios devices

Ever since push notification technology entered the digital marketing space, it has been redesigned and made more effective by refining through the years matching content with context to its target audience. These little pop-up alerts have changed the way notifications were used and looked at. Since its inception, many companies, leading web browsers, smartphone brands, and almost every website found on the internet have included some form of push notifications in their systems. In a world where technology is omnipresent and available at our fingertips at all times, businesses look to target these devices to make their marketing strategies resolute. 


Coming to technology, it would be hard to admit that technology wouldn’t be where it is now without ‘Apple’. A company that changed the way products were made and used. It is considered as one of the revolutionary companies that made a mark in the global market. And being so familiar, the company has millions of users scattered across the globe with ever-increasing numbers, making it one of the standards of the industry. 

The company offers high-quality products with best-in-class innovation across the board along with creating the most secured devices on the planet, and that’s where the marketing teams stumble. Push notifications are a great way to engage with the target audience but it needs some sort of freedom to do so, while Apple is busy blocking anything that could be a potential threat these notifications aren’t allowed by the company on its devices running their operating system ‘IOS’, due to privacy and malware issues.

Apple has a considerable amount of users across smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and browsers. With more than a quarter of the market share all by itself, this platform is an essential target, and knowing that these devices don’t authorize push notifications completely can be a bummer to the marketing space. But lately, the company has started to work on this by listening to its customer requests, as of now there are workarounds available to achieve this feat in the IOS space but there’s no official word yet on how the company plans to make this a part of their entire eco-system.

While the good news or you could say is that iOS web push notifications had rolled out in the Macbook and iMac line via the Safari Browser which is the premium laptop and PC offering from the company, although this is their idea of push notifications which doesn’t allow much flexibility and with tougher screening security systems, your notifications are more likely to not show up at the customer’s screen. The only way now for you to enable push notifications in your iOS customer base is by creating an app for iPhone users.  

App Development

While there are many debates and grievances made by developers around the world in working and building in this sophisticated software. Apple is always known to delay its products and services until they are considered perfect or the best in the class. Leading to the delay of push notifications with the reputation of being the most trusted and secured device, it might take a little more time than usual but the result would be a reincarnation of push notifications into something quite more efficient than what’s found on the market.  

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