eCommerce has come a long way in our lives, from amazon selling books in 1994 to being the world’s most reputed widely established online store that sells just about anything that can be sold. eCommerce has become so important for customers as well as retailers and sellers. Millions of products are shipped every day to people across the world from various destinations. All the businesses and companies strive to increase their online sales. The first thing the customer lays eyes on when they search for a product is the image of the product. It is clear to say after years of research that a product image can vastly influence the decision of a buyer. 

There are many ways a business can improve upon its product images, which can help a lot in selling the idea and the product. Which ultimately drives the conversion rates. In this blog, we will help you do just that. First impressions matter, the same follows in the eCommerce world. The moment a potential customer hits your landing page for the product they have searched for, the quality and presentation of the image is what initiates the next step of the customer. Making sure your product image is enticing enough to convert your potential customer into an actual buyer is crucial. 

Did you know?

Only 0.52 percent of consumers want to see a single product photo, 33.16 percent prefer to see multiple photos, and about 60 percent prefer images that will enable them to have a 360º view of the product.

1. Include all angles for a better view of your product. 

The most ideal way to show your products is to show them whole. Adding images from different angles and perspectives can help the customer better understand your product visually. Every purchase made by a customer is trailed by a detailed description and understanding of the product. Showing your product from different angles can answer some of the customer’s questions, they might have about the appearance of the product beforehand, making their decisions more quick and concise. This is one of the best ways to portray your product in the digital world.

Here is an example of how you can show your products as a whole from content on LuckyMag. The content is featuring different types of mattresses and each category has a clear picture of the mattress, showing the radical difference between each category. 

2. Including all variants.

If your products happen to have different variants or colors. Then adding pictures of each one of them can be vital to the overall customer experience. You don’t want your customer to keep guessing on how their product will look until it reaches their doorstep. Adding images of all the variants and colors adds value to the product page and description. Making it easier for customers to choose what really peaks their interests. And that reflects the rate of sales for the product.

3. Keeping it clear and accurate.

Numbers don’t lie, but they can be confusing at times. But what isn’t confusing is preferring quality over quantity. And that concept seems to follow in the product image as well. To keep it simple, you could have a dozen average quality images posted in your product listing with images from every angle and portraying all the variants but those could be easily overlooked just by a couple of high-quality images. Having accurate images of how your product looks like in person while retaining the quality of those images can be a game-changer.   

4 . Reducing Image size and loading times.

Who loves waiting? No one does, and surely not even your next customer. While your product images can be world-class and of the highest quality possible. If they don’t load quickly when the customer is on the product page, then your high-quality product images are as futile as wasted potential. Reducing image sizes can exceedingly decrease the loading times. Making the experience a pleasant one. The only thing to make sure is to use the right compression tools to maintain the quality of the image without having to rescale it.   

5. 360-degree view of your product

The current bandwagon for product images is the 360 Degree view that shows your product in a 360 Degree perspective, it basically is like a 3D model of your product in the form of a 2D image. These images are created by software that allows spherical and panoramic image capturing techniques. These 360 Degree images make your product pop by showing the design and craftsmanship of the product in the most interactive way, with the next best ways being video and live demonstrations.  

Did you know?

Consumers are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.

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