Google Adsense Alternatives ensure getting paid for your work. Without relying on Google alone. As it is an essential outcome of every process. From posts on Facebook, pictures on Instagram to videos on youtube. The main goal of the creator is to monetize all of the content and work and get the most out of it. And this translates to the world of blogs as well. All the content published and written all across the web are getting monetized with the help of Google Adsense. Which is a matchmaker when it comes to bringing the right content and advertisements together. It is a tool to help you find the advertisers who are established in the same category of work as yours. It is a great way of promoting, for the advertisers and a great portal to bloggers for getting paid.  

However, Google Adsense was launched way back in the early 2000s. When the internet was fairly new and in a budding stage. Through the years with the increasing user base, creation of websites online, and evolution of digital marketing. Giving rise to competition that matches the different demographic needs of the densely populated customer base. Many tools have risen to this opportunity with their unique traits. An alternate isn’t just a replacement but an insight into the world beyond that. So in this post, we will help you find the best alternatives out there that will never make you miss Google Adsense. With growing preferences and vigorous technological advancements, an explosion of new features are a sight to behold. The order of the list doesn’t resemble from the best to the least, each one has its quirks. Every alternative is crafted in line with the user’s preference.


Google Adsense alternatives

A first in the list on Google Adsense Alternatives. Likewise Google’s rivalry with Yahoo has been running for ages. That has trickled down into contextual marketing as well. is a similar and direct competitor to the Google Adsense. Which does everything the AdSense does while shedding a higher revenue (RPM) Rate per thousand impressions. Yahoo’s answer to Google led to the creation of Bing. Which had given rise to this platform of contextual marketing. With its own search engine and user base, this alternative is no slack. Providing access to searches made over the internet and the Yahoo & Bing network. It also gives access to a wide network of clients to ramp up your revenue generation.                                                                                     

Like Adsense, also runs by the principles of keyword search which contributes to the highly contextual advertisements while promoting more clicks. 

2. Amazon Associates 

Google Adsense alternatives

The next big name in Google’s competitors is Amazon. Slowly making its way to the top. This company is known to be the first one to bring the concept of affiliate marketing to life way back in 1998. Amazon associates is the final product offering by the company in the marketing line. Although it works on an affiliate basis. Which is quite different from the traditional adverts. It works by adding advert links within your blog that match the content. Due to Amazon’s behemoth range of products your blog is bound to find the right product link adverts. That goes along with your content while displaying advertisements in a minimalistic way. 

3. PropellerAds

Google Adsense alternatives

The internet can get crowded at times with ads and ad publishers. Choosing the right ad through the right medium is essential for a successful marketing campaign. PropellerAds does the filtering for you. By allowing only the most relevant and admissible ads. With the ability to prowl through even the most aggressive ad blockers. Propeller hasn’t been around for as long as the competition has. But its approach of clearing the clutter which is quite handy, helps it make it into the list. With features like 24-hour moderation service and automated ad optimization, this program is the one to look for.   

4. Audience Play


Do you know your revenue generation with Google AdSense or any other AdSense alternative is limited? Why so? It is because your income depends on your website’s traffic only. But, with a platform like AudiencePlay, you will be able to monetize your audiences anywhere in the digital ecosystem. And you can effectively transform your audiences into unlimited revenue streams. You will be able to create, track and analyze highly personalized audience segments on the basis of their interests, demographics, online behaviour, etc. Moreover, you can use Audienceplay alongside any other AdSense alternative, which would let you generate more income too.

5. Popcash

 Adsense tool

Ads have seen tremendous changes over the years. From format sizes to types, there are many ways to advertise and earn from your website. One of those many ways is popunder adverts which place a window behind the browser window of a website unlike a pop-up ad. Which makes the experience less obtrusive. With over 850 million monthly visitors and 50,000 active publishers network. Popcash is a worthy investment. In this program, the user can start earning within minutes by implementing the propounder code to the targeted web pages and submitting their domain for review. The biggest benefit is, this program can be used alongside AdSense to potentially increase your website earnings. 

6. RevContent

Google Adsense alternatives

RevContent is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies. With over 250 billion content recommendations this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. It focuses on the Native Ads Network with the best in class approval processes and quality adverts. The program is praised for its article-like adverts which make it look, like a part of your content rather than an advert. It also offers the best in class tools that help you to customize the widgets to fit any website or blog. To get the most out of this program, you can join in on their referral program that can get you approved faster and earn more. 

7. Adsterra

Adsense tool

If you’re looking for an advert program that can be used by the publishers and the advertisers. Without relying on Google? Then Adsterra is where your search ends. It is a fast-growing service in this fast-growing world, with an admired network base. With over 10 billion impressions made every month. This program is hard to pass over. It offers a wide range of formats for the adverts on different platforms. Like popunders, push notifications and many more apart from the traditional display banners. 


“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in”                                                                            – Craig Davis   

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