Push notifications are a great way to get your users back with interactive small messages. Websites can gently nudge the visitors to subscribe to their push service using opt-ins. So, you will have an interested subscribers list to target which increases your website traffic and conversions. 

Users are not asked to provide any personal information and can opt out at any time. These small messages are useful for users to know regular updates from websites. 

Advantages for website

  • Reach users when they want and where they want
  • Drive website traffic
  • Build user relationships, loyalty and trust
  • Engage users with relevant information

Advantages for users

  • Get discount updates
  • Latest news alerts
  • Updated trending topics
  • Reach landing pages directly

So, push messages are useful for both website owners and users. Join Truepush, free push notifications provider to send unlimited notifications to subscribers. You can access advanced features like automated push notifications, audience segmentation, opt-in styles, user interaction, push campaign stats and more for free.