WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. Almost 35% of worldwide websites use WordPress.

To access the backend of your WordPress website, you would need to use a browser. There are multiple browsers available today. But, deciding which browser to use could be a great deal, since you get various functionalities that differ from each other. 

Some of the crucial factors we need to consider to find the best browser for WordPress are: 

  • Site Security
  • Best response time
  • Better add-ons and extensions.

There are many tools that Developers use today. It could be productivity tools, project management tools, PHP, JavaScript, CSS editing, debugging sites, and more. In this article, we would talk about the best browser for WordPress development which are compatible with WordPress editing.

WordPress editing is an option wherein the editors can take control over what content is going live, what content to edit, what content to delete, etc.

The editing functionality on WordPress is highly used, which makes it important to understand what browsers you should be used to make updates.

Every browser has some pros and cons. If one browser makes your WordPress site load quickly, then another browser might help you in providing extensions for better performance.

Let’s take a look at the top five browsers for WordPress one by one. 

Best browsers for WordPress to make editing easier

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome no longer needs an introduction. In February 2021, Chrome accounts for 63.59% of the share in market.

With such a high market share, Chrome assures that it provides better functionality and features for developers. And, WordPress is no exception here.

Google Chrome provides a lot of resources for your WordPress editing. Developers can easily install add-ons and extensions to their WordPress site. Some more features to consider include better privacy settings, two-factor authentication, accelerators, and more.

On top of it, Google Chrome is faster and most stable web browser. However, developers can face speed issues if they require a heavy browsing experience. This is usually noticed on systems with low RAM.

2. Opera

Opera browsers run faster than other browsers. This is because of its Turbo mode. If you are dealing with issues related to slow connections, then Opera is the best fit for WordPress editing.

The faster Opera speed browser speed is the result of re-routing web traffic through Opera’s servers. Re-routing reduces the data consumption, and other ISP content restrictions. Opera also provides ample plugins, add ons, etc to make editing on WordPress an engaging process. 

In addition to that, you don’t need to stress over locales where WordPress isn’t accessible since Opera likewise accompanies an underlying VPN that is totally free, has no limit on a daily basis, and permits you to browse 3 server areas. 

Some of the quick benefits of using the Opera browser

  • Best compatibility with sites
  • Provides built-in VPN. 
  • Loads faster
  • Completely free

3. UR Browser

UR Browser is another browser for MAC and Windows. It’s a fast browser that respects user privacy.

UR browser is free and comes with a built-in VPN and ad-blocker to make your browsing experience much better. 

One of the major benefits of using the UR browser is advanced parallel downloading technology. You can increase the downloading and browsing speed by 4x using this technology.

4. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been a pioneer in various web capabilities. It is known for strict privacy guidelines and standards. You have access to extension files and offer flexibility. 

One of the major parameters that make it the best browser for WordPress is the multi-account logins. This allows you to log into your site on multiple tabs, which otherwise, would have not been possible. It also reduces and optimizes the system resource utilization with multiple tabs opened. 

5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers more flexibility and higher speed than Google Chrome. The Edge browser uses metro software. Therefore, it becomes easier to access similar applications that run on Metro.

You can easily integrate Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 which would further add more functionalities and makes your WordPress editing easier.

In addition to that, using Chromium Edge on Windows 10 makes security a priority. It provides secure protocols for your browsing journey.


There are many browsers available to make your WordPress editing experience much easier. However, choosing your best browser for WordPress requires more detailed information which comes after testing it on our own.

Some of the key features that you can’t miss out on while searching for the right best browser for a WordPress site are:

– Flexibility
– Extensions
– Speed
– Security 

The above-mentioned browsers offer these features, where the UR browser takes the lead in VPN space and more.

Let us know which best browser for a WordPress site. Why?