What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications: What are they and why use them?- Truepush

Ting!!“Hey, John! Your flight is ready for check-in. Open your app to grab the boarding pass. Enjoy your trip.”John was on time to catch the flight, and he is on the way to the destination safely. It was a great help to John, and it also multiplied the...
Truepush Push Notifications

Push Notifications for Healthy User Engagement- Truepush

IntroductionAs of 2018, on average, a typical blog post takes three and a half hours to write and has around 1151 words. Once the blog is up and running, people start reading it and your reader base expands. Your readers have to come back to your site and check out if there are...
push notifications for user engagement

How companies are using push notifications to improve user engagement?

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2oAe3IIZkuBRwl6qmtemJtIntroductionAs a marketer, the only wish they have is to increase their lead conversions and expand their customer base. The companies use all of the marketing strategies and efforts to achieve constant online customer engagement by creating the website with well-crafted and timely scheduled content and promoting...
web technology

Progressive Web Apps vs Accelerated Mobile Pages: What’s the Difference and Which is Best...

Before we get into the part where we compare what’s better, let us first dive into the fundamentals and Key differences between PWA and AMP to establish a clear understanding of how they work, what are they used for, and what are they best at. Finally reaching out to the most important question, which one should you choose. To...
marketing buzzword

Top 30 marketing buzzwords in 2023 every marketer should know

Marketers play a crucial role in building brand footprints. They drive growth and ‘gamify’ the complete ecosystem. If you are a marketer, you might have come across the top marketing buzzwords that sound unique and the marketer inside you looks for their meaning and implementations. These buzzwords are often used in all types of marketing.
customer retention using push notifications

How to Boost Customer Retention Rate Using Push Marketing?

Table of ContentsIntroduction What is Customer Retention? Why Web Push Notifications are Effective to Boost Customer Retention?Few use cases of web push notifications for online retailers Few cases to use push notifications for retaining customers in content-based websitesHow to Make Your Push Notifications Boost Customer Retention?Plan Customers Opt-in Strategy Write Engaging Content in Push Notifications ...
Drag and Drop Page Builder

How to Choose the Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder

WordPress is the best CMS and the greatest website builder of all time. Agreed. Why else would 40% of the webmasters have used it?But the absence of a drag-and-drop builder is very discomforting, especially for business owners looking after their own websites and digital freshers.
Digital Marketers Challenges

12 Biggest Digital Marketing Challenges and What You Can Do

Almost all companies established their businesses online when everything turned digital as it is easy and convenient. They are inspired by many start-ups that have achieved huge success with online marketing. Every marketer has unique difficulties when attempting to build a niche for their brand in the ever-evolving and increasing digital marketing environment.While most start-ups want to achieve a...
Building Brand Equity

The Importance of Consistency in Building Brand Equity

How do your customers identify you? Is it your logo? Or your catchy tagline? Perhaps your company name is well-known in your industry or area. All of these things and more are part of your brand. Your brand is a comprehensive asset representing your reputation and ability to connect with your target audience.Brand...
why business need push notifications?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Push Notifications

The company has the best of its services, products, and goods, but to make it reach the audience, it requires interaction, representation, and effective communication.Effective communication is a prerequisite for achieving organizational goals. There are more than 1.5 billion websites available on google out, of which more than 24 million are products selling websites. This shows the stiff competition...