Shopify Plugins

Top 45+ Shopify Apps to Increase Engagement and Revenue in 2023

Shopify provides a simple and efficient way to create an online store with customizable settings creating a lot of space for creativity. It has 1.75 million merchants across 175 countries. With this wide range of Shopify users on a global level, merchants are searching for new ways to stand out from their competitors. Shopify...
increase website traffic

How to increase website traffic without SEO

IntroductionWhether you have an e-commerce or blogger website, website traffic is the pulse for success.SEO strategies are a powerful way to improve your traffic but you have to always cope with the regular Google algorithm updates. Also, it will take at least a few months to get rewards from...
Local Business Schema

How Local Business Schema Can Boost Your Company’s Visibility Online

What is schema? A schema is a set of terms and conditions that are structured to make sense of the world around us. Information that makes sense in one context can be very different in another. Your website or blog needs to have consistent schemas so that your content's meaning is clear across the board.
Social Media Live Stream

Getting Started With Social Media Live Streaming – Everything You Need to Know media is a highly beneficial marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, be it a small start-up, or a large enterprise. One of the recent social media trends is live streaming with more social media platforms coming like brand new features and functionalities to support it. Live streaming has been around for...
User Engagement

User Engagement Simplified With Best Strategies and KPIs.

Engaged users yield the highest ROI. Tapping the most out of your first-time visitors is not so easy. You have to engage them at the right place and the right time. There are various strategies to hook your users and give them what they want. But, how do you build these strategies?
Google penguin update 2021

Google Penguin Update: What you should know in 2021

Table of ContentsWhat is the Google Penguin update?What are the causes...
Web Push Notification Sample

Tips to Write a Perfect Web Push Notification Sample

IntroductionLiving in the digital world, you receive many push notifications from apps and websites. But how many notifications do you click and open?Now, think the same for your users.Reaching your users is essential, but you can’t see the estimated results with web push notifications if...
push notifications for investment apps

Why are Push Notifications Essential for Investment Apps?

Introduction You can see push notifications are implemented in every vertical mobile app to stay in continual interaction with users. In this swing investment apps are not exceptional.We can observe an increase in people’s interest in investments and trading apps including the millennial generation. With smartphones, being a part of everyday life users prefer to have real-time control over their...
Rich Push Notifications

What Are Rich Push Notifications & How Can They Drive Conversions?

We all know push notifications are small pop-up messages that display on the users' desktops or mobiles. These push messages are effective in re-engaging audiences even when they are not on the website or application. But do you know we can make these notifications more attractive by adding multimedia? Yes, and these messages are termed Rich Push...
content notifications

8 Reasons to Use Emoji in Your Push Notifications

Emojis have become a huge part of today’s online communication experience. Emoji marketing has become an important part of our expression while sending text, notifications, emails, etc. People are in love with these emojis as they can express their emotions practically.It took no time for these emojis to move from communication to marketing....