Truepush code integration

How to check if Truepush Code is Integrated Correctly?

Truepush code integration is an easy and 5 minutes setup process. Follow the below instructions to find if the Truepush code is placed correctly on your website: 1. Check whether the sw.js (Service Worker) file is placed in the root folder. Go to your website and type “sw.js” after the main URL and check if the code appears as shown in...
browser platforms Truepush supports

What browser platforms does Truepush support?

Multiple Platforms- Windows, MAC OS, Andriod, Ubuntu Browsers that support push notifications: Chrome Firefox Chrome mobile Safari Opera Microsoft Edge, etc.Follow us on our Social Media pages. Facebook|LinkedIn|TwitterReview us on TrustRadius.Website: Email:
Why Choose Truepush?

Why Truepush?

Truepush is a feature-rich, high-volume push notification service for websites. We have robust servers which can handle 3 billion requests on a daily basis. Truepush provides free push service where websites can add unlimited domains from one account and push unlimited alerts to subscribers. Websites can access all the features with free forever plan with no hidden cost.We have...
Top free push Notification service

Why choose Truepush as your preferred push notifications service?

Truepush is a trusted push notification service provider for both web and mobile. Truepush has acquired more than 2500+ developers/ marketers globally in one year.Read: Why Truepush is free?PFB features that make Truepush one of the most preferred Push Notifications Tool.
Browsers Truepush supports

What Browsers does Truepush Notifications support?

Business vector created by – Below is the current list of browsers Truepush supports for desktop and mobile browsers. We’re not limited to the below-mentioned browsers, we keep updating this list, as and when we finish development for respective browsers.Truepush is a free push notification platform where websites can send unlimited push notifications to users for free. You can curate...
Service Worker (sw.js) file

What is a Service Worker (sw.js) file in Push Notifications and how it works

What is a Service Worker File? A Service Worker (sw.js) file is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a web page, opening the door to features that don’t need a web page or user interaction. Today, it already includes features like push notifications and background sync.The following points need to be kept in mind:If there are multiple...
Notification bell

Common Issues Why a User is Not Receiving Push Notifications?

Sometimes we notice users are not receiving push notifications from your website. There are a few common issues for this that can be resolved.“Notifications delivery rate” is a key metric for every push notifications product. So when our system recognizes and confirms a notification as “delivered”, it means it has successfully distributed the notifications using...
Truepush push service

How did my user unsubscribed to my push notifications?

A user has to perform any of the following to have unsubscribed push notifications from your website.By deleting the Cookie data manually from his browser settings: Deleting cookie data manually can differ from one browser to another. One need to delete cookies manually from respective browser settings.Read: Manual deletion of cookies in chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.  In...
Migrate to Truepush

What are the steps to migrate to Truepush?

Migrate to Truepush from other service providers is a seamless process. All you need to do is follow these steps:Sign-Up to Truepush on www.truepush.comsourceRemove the lines of code (of your previous service provider) integrated with your source code. Copy the code shown in the “Code Integration” tab of your Truepush dashboard and paste it into your source...
No limited time offer

Is there any limit on the number of websites, notifications or users?

Is there any limit on the number of websites, notifications or users? No, there is no limit on the number of websites, notifications or users.Also read: How to check if Truepush is placed correctly? Does Truepush use personal data?Follow our Social Media pages. Facebook|LinkedIn|TwitterReview us on TrustRadius.Website: Email: credit- Designed by Freepik.)