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What are the use cases of a Push Notifications tool?

Truepush can be used for websites with high traffic, e-commerce portals, blogs, online travel agencies, news, online magazines and many more. Blogs News & Online Magazine E-commerce Portals OTA ( Coming Soon) Also, Read : What are the features in Truepush? Why choose Truepush as your preferred push notifications service? Follow us on our Social Media pages. Facebook|LinkedIn|Twitter Website: www.truepush.com Email: help@truepush.com
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Is there any limit on the number of websites, notifications or users?

Is there any limit on the number of websites, notifications or users? No, there is no limit on the number of websites, notifications or users. Also read: How to check if Truepush is placed correctly? Does Truepush use personal data? Follow our Social Media pages. Facebook|LinkedIn|Twitter Review us on TrustRadius. Website: www.truepush.com Email: help@truepush.com (Image credit- Designed by Freepik.)  
Enable Push Notifications

What does it mean to enable push notifications?

When users enable push notifications from a website they are accepting to receive popup alerts. These can be content updates, reminders, discount offers, marketing messages, etc. Push notifications are the best medium to stay connected with visitors even when they are not using the website. Register with Truepush for free and get access to...
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What are the features of Truepush?

Truepush, being a Free-Forever Service, provides many high-end features that are usually, paid solutions from our other competitors. Current Truepush Features: Unlimited Notifications CampaignsAdd Unlimited DomainsUnlimited Websites IntegrationDesktop NotificationsSupports HTTP & HTTPSMulti-browser support2-way Opt-inRSS-to-Push with segmentationsScheduling notifications at a time intervalMultidevice Notification Preview.TTL & Expire of notificationsWebsite and campaign wise analyticsTagsUnlimited Segmentations-...
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Do Truepush Use Personal Data?

Does Truepush Collect Personal Data? No, Truepush do not collect any personal user data like name, email, location from their clients. We only collect cookie data that is completely anonymous. Truepush is GDPR compliant for web pushes and will be complaint soon for mobile pushes as well. This ensures we follow all the data retention guidelines and stringent privacy policies. Users...
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Can You Personalize Push Notifications?

You can personalize push notifications just a click away with Truepush! Yes, personalized notifications will increase the push campaigns conversion rate, click rate, view rate, and open rate. With Truepush these web push notifications are highly customizable. You can curate personalized push messages using features like segmentation and triggers.
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How do I get a push notification?

You can develop push notifications using the Google developers guide. But, building your web push could be a time taking process. You can use free push notification providers like Truepush to send unlimited push alerts to your users. This would save your time, resources, and hefty dollars you could spend on re-engaging your users. If you have a PWA powered website,...
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What are the KPIs of Customer Retention?

To measure the impact of customer retention, there are various KPIs measured. The most important retention KPIs are mentioned below.  Customer ChurnCustomer churns, also known as customer attrition are a measure of your customers leaving your company over a period of time. The higher the churn rates, the most likely your brand is failing...
What are push notifications?

What are push notifications?

Push Notifications are clickable messages that you've relayed from a website and receive them on a target desktop or mobile device even if the website is not necessarily open on your browser. Notifications have been one of the most popular shorthand information channels. They give 5-10X more engagement than emails (Industry average) for engaging and converting visitors/users into customers....
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Is Truepush GDPR compliant?

Business vector created by freepik - www.freepik.com Yes. Truepush push notification service provider is GDPR compliant  Also, Read  Do push notifications work on mobile browsers?How can a user unsubscribe from receiving push notifications? Follow our Social Media pages.Facebook|LinkedIn|Twitter Review us on ProductHunt. Website: www.truepush.comEmail: help@truepush.com