how do I send browser push notifications?

How do I get notifications from a website on my iPhone?

iPhone does not have the option to receive push notifications from websites yet as per Apple’s push notification support. 
What type of companies use push notifications?

How do I implement push notifications in PWA?

You can implement push notifications into PWA powered pages by following the below procedure.Download service worker (sw.js) file from the Truepush dashboard.  Place your PWA service worker code to the sw.js file from Truepush. Save it and replace it with the existing PWA sw.js file. Copy the SDK code from the Truepush dashboard and paste it before the...
Truepush SDK file

How large is the Truepush SDK code file?

Size of SDK It is 79KB as of now. It will be reduced to around 45KB in the next update.The small size of the SDK code does not impact the page load time. The notifications page design loads after the web page loads completely. So, your users will not sense any dealy in the page load.You can copy the code...
push notifications monetization

What happens if I cross the 30K+ Subscribers limit for my website?

You need to upgrade to the Truepush pricing plan after crossing the 30K+ subscribers for your website. Users can also join the monetization plan to generate additional revenue.
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Common Issues Why a User is Not Receiving Push Notifications?

Sometimes we notice users are not receiving push notifications from your website. There are a few common issues for this that can be resolved.“Notifications delivery rate” is a key metric for every push notifications product. So when our system recognizes and confirms a notification as “delivered”, it means it has successfully distributed the notifications using...
Mobile Push Notifications

Do Web Push Notifications Work On Mobile?

Yes, web push notifications work on mobile devices.Websites can send push messages to mobile devices and tablets. However, iOS devices asks for the user permissions to receive push alerts for security purpose.You can send these mobile push notifications when the visitor accepts notifications from the mobile browser when they visit your website. In this way even the websites without...
customer retention KPIs

What are the KPIs of Customer Retention?

To measure the impact of customer retention, there are various KPIs measured. The most important retention KPIs are mentioned below. Customer ChurnCustomer churns, also known as customer attrition are a measure of your customers leaving your company over a period of time. The higher the churn rates, the most likely your brand is failing...
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How do marketing push notifications work?

Push notification marketing strategy is an engagement strategy that marketers implement to update products/services via browser notifications.Push notifications are a part of engagement marketing. Brands implement this communication channel to maintain consistent traffic to their websites and applications. Major benefits for marketing push notifications include higher view rates, repeat traffic, increased engagement, and conversions.
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Why are push notifications important for advertisers?

Push notifications are powerful marketing tools to boost website traffic and increase conversions. If you can manage to send relevant push alerts to target audiences at the right time then push notifications turns into primary smart marketing tools.With Truepush, advertisers can send personalized push notifications to unlimited subscribers at a $0 cost. The...
Truepush push notification service provider

What if my website has different paths? Can I still send notifications through those...

Flexible and Feasible!Yes, you can send push notifications from different website paths.If the code is present in, for example-, then any path linked to the main domain, like, etcetera is also integrated with the push notification service. You can send notifications through any of those path links.