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Is FCM Push Notification free?

Yes, FCM push notifications are free. Firebase cloud messaging is a cross-platform messaging system that allows you to send messages without any charge.  Using FCM, you can send messages to client’s apps or send firebase web push notifications from websites. To send push for free using existing push notification platforms, Sign-up tp Truepush
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I don’t have access to the Website Control Panel. Can I integrate Truepush?

Is it possible to integrate with the Truepush push notification service provider? if I don’t have access to the Control Panel? It is not possible to complete your integration with Truepush without access to the Control Panel. Get the help of any other person who has access to the Control Panel, place the sw.js file in the root folder, and...
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Is Firebase Cloud Messaging Secure?

The channel between the FCM server endpoint and the device is encrypted with SSL over TCP. But, messages from the developer server and user device are not encrypted end-to-end. To resolve this, developers can encrypt push messages end-to-end by using keys generated on the user device. To send free push notifications to your user,...
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Can I associate multiple websites/sub-domains with a single Truepush profile?

It is possible! Yes, you can associate multiple websites with one Truepush profile. Once you signup and login to Truepush, you can create any number of projects for all of your websites/sub-domains. Also, after exceeding 30K+ subscribers you can join the monetization plan or else continue the services...
Truepush SDK file

How large is the Truepush SDK code file?

Size of SDK It is 79KB as of now. It will be reduced to around 45KB in the next update. The small size of the SDK code does not impact the page load time. The notifications page design loads after the web page loads completely. So, your users will not sense any dealy in the page load. You can copy the code...
What type of companies use push notifications?

What type of companies use push notifications?

Push notifications are used to engage your potential customers. There is no limitation as to who can implement push notifications and who can not.  As far as you provide regular and new updates, you can integrate push notifications to your website and mobile. Companies from across the world are using push notifications today. The most...