Enable Push Notifications

What does it mean to enable push notifications?

When users enable push notifications from a website they are accepting to receive popup alerts. These can be content updates, reminders, discount offers, marketing messages, etc. Push notifications are the best medium to stay connected with visitors even when they are not using the website. Register with Truepush for free and get access to...
how do I send browser push notifications?

How do I set browser notifications?

Integrate with Truepush to send browser notifications. Here are the steps to set up your browser web notifications. Sign-up to Truepush.  Create a new project Integrate the code to your site Send your browser push notifications. Read the guide to follow the complete push notification integration process. 
Push Notifications CTR

What is the average CTR of browser push notifications?

The click through rate of push notifications differs among industries. But on average they are high compared to other engaging techniques. According to the survey from Truepush, the average CTR of push notifications is 5% when delivered to 1,000 push subscribers. Read our blog to know surprising push notification stats which give reason to...
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What is the free plug-in that allows you to send push notifications to apple...

Truepush WordPress plugin is a free and best push notification service that allows you to send browser notifications to desktop and mobile. You can send web notifications to android on both web and mobile devices whereas, for Apple products, you can send only on the desktop version for all browsers excluding the Safari browser. This is as per Apple’s...
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Is push notification reliable?

Push notifications are highly reliable compare to communication mediums like SMS, emails, etc. The deliverability of HTTPS push notifications is high. The better the infrastructure of your push notification platform is, the more reliable it turns.  The best web push notification service you can integrate with is Truepush. This free forever push service is now adopted by more than 25,000+...
blogger push notifications

Can I send push notifications from the Blogger website?

Yes, you can send push notifications through your blogger website.  To send blogger push notifications, there are two ways to do.  First, you can build your push platform.  Here is a guide from Google to create a push notifications platform for your website.  This method takes more time to build and implement your push platform. And, there are very few options to...
why push notifications

Are WordPress Plugins Worth It?

WordPress plugins enable websites to add or create new functionalists to their sites.You can always try out plugins to see what works the best for your site and not hinder the site’s performance. If you are looking for user engagement plugins, check this free WordPress tool to send push notifications to your users
push notifications better than email and sms

Are Push Notifications better than Email and SMS?

Are Push Notifications better than other engagement channels? Yes, the marketing campaigns stats like CTR, view rate, open rate, etc are high for push message campaigns than emails and SMS. Depending upon the industry these stats are 5X to 10X more than other marketing channels. Moreover, the email protocols...
Free push notification service

Which is the best push notification service for an unlimited subscription?

Truepush is a free push notification service with an unlimited subscription. Websites can engage their users by sending unlimited push notifications per day for free. Truepush free forever plan gives access to all advanced features like segmentation, triggers, automated push notifications, multi-browser support, real-time analysis, etc. source You can integrate our push notifications service within 5 minutes using simple steps. We...
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How do marketing push notifications work?

Push notification marketing strategy is an engagement strategy that marketers implement to update products/services via browser notifications. Push notifications are a part of engagement marketing. Brands implement this communication channel to maintain consistent traffic to their websites and applications. Major benefits for marketing push notifications include higher view rates, repeat traffic, increased engagement, and conversions.