optimize customer touchpoints

Why is Optimizing Customer Touchpoints Online Beneficial for businesses?

Customer touchpoints are the way visitors interact with your business. You can identify these points when a user finds a website, checks products, buys a product, or reach customer service.Optimizing these touchpoints will improve relationships, more value, and build trust with the customers. You can use push notifications at every stage of the customer lifecycle to optimize...
push notification monetization

How do I enable and disable my website monetization?

If you have reached the website monetization eligibility (more than 30K subscribers), Truepush will send a monetization plan pop-up to enable the push notification monetization plan.You can move back to a paid plan by contacting help@Truepush for steps to disable the push notifications monetization plan.
push ads

What are push ads?

Push ads are web browser ads sent to the user’s desktops or mobile devices by websites. They have a similar format of web push notifications that increases the click and view rate of these push notification ads. You can differentiate between a push ad and notification with or sponsored written after the notification title.
what is average customer retention rate?

What is the average customer retention rate?

Customer retention rate is measured by dividing the total number of users gained for a specific time period by the number of users at the beginning of the time period.The average customer retention rate for different industries is as follows. For eCommerce industries, the average...
push notification position

Where do push notifications appear?

Push notifications appear on the user’s devices like desktop and mobile. On the desktop, push notifications appear to the right bottom of the desktop screen. More than one announcement appears in the queue. Once you click on these notifications, you will be redirected to the website or a brand page. On...
Arrow indicating a click

How do I increase push notifications CTR?

Push notifications have higher click-through rates than other channels of engagement like email, SMS, etc. To increase push notifications CTR, we need to focus on the below factors influencing push notifications.Include rich media while creating web push notifications. Make use of clear and relevant big notification images.
challenges of digital marketing

How can I improve my digital engagement?

Digital engagement emphasizes engaging your potential customers across different channels of marketing. Such as website users, social media audience, email subscribers, and so on. To improve digital engagement, you can send push notifications to users, send emails, and create content that drives value for users. The most important tool today to...
customer retention KPIs

What are the KPIs of Customer Retention?

To measure the impact of customer retention, there are various KPIs measured. The most important retention KPIs are mentioned below. Customer ChurnCustomer churns, also known as customer attrition are a measure of your customers leaving your company over a period of time. The higher the churn rates, the most likely your brand is failing...
calculate retention rate

How do you calculate a retention rate?

User retention gives you an understanding of how many users stayed after a specific period. This is how you can calculate your user retention.
engagement vs retention

What’s the difference between retention and engagement?

Retention is the process of bringing users back to the digital platforms be it a website, social media platform, etc. User retention focuses on retaining your existing users. Understanding retention can help you assess your current users if they are happy with your product and services or not. On the other hand, engagement is the process of interaction between the brands...