challenges of digital marketing

How can I improve my digital engagement?

Digital engagement emphasizes engaging your potential customers across different channels of marketing. Such as website users, social media audience, email subscribers, and so on.  To improve digital engagement, you can send push notifications to users, send emails, and create content that drives value for users.  The most important tool today to...
customer retention KPIs

What are the KPIs of Customer Retention?

To measure the impact of customer retention, there are various KPIs measured. The most important retention KPIs are mentioned below.  Customer ChurnCustomer churns, also known as customer attrition are a measure of your customers leaving your company over a period of time. The higher the churn rates, the most likely your brand is failing...
calculate retention rate

How do you calculate a retention rate?

User retention gives you an understanding of how many users stayed after a specific period.  This is how you can calculate your user retention.
engagement vs retention

What’s the difference between retention and engagement?

Retention is the process of bringing users back to the digital platforms be it a website, social media platform, etc.  User retention focuses on retaining your existing users. Understanding retention can help you assess your current users if they are happy with your product and services or not.  On the other...
are push notifications secure than SMS?

Are push notifications more secure than SMS?

Yes, push notifications are more secure than SMS.  An SMS can be sent to users without their consent. There is a history of data breaches using SMS where the users can land in a potential malicious trap of hackers. In addition to that, it is very easy for hackers to send messages to your...
Should Push messages be on or off?

Should Push messages be on or off?

The sole purpose of push messages is to provide useful information and regular updates to the users.  As a website or an app user, you can choose to opt for receiving push notifications. This will help you keep yourself updated with crucial information that looks up to. Push notifications are a...
What type of companies use push notifications?

What type of companies use push notifications?

Push notifications are used to engage your potential customers. There is no limitation as to who can implement push notifications and who can not.  As far as you provide regular and new updates, you can integrate push notifications to your website and mobile. Companies from across the world are using push notifications today. The most...
How much do push notifications cost?

How much do push notifications cost?

Push notifications are a cost-effective channel for engaging your site users. There are various push notifications providers in the market. However, the pricing varies from one service provider to another.  On average, for a brand, push notifications cost around $1200 every month to engage users with push campaigns.  In Truepush, we...
wordpress firebase

How does firebase integrate with WordPress?

If you have a WordPress website, you can integrate your site with Firebase. Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that enables you to build your mobile applications, improve and grow them. To do so, you would need to install a plugin on your wordpress called- ‘Integrate Firebase’. Some of the benefits of integrating your firebase with wordpress using the plugin...
engagement vs retention

Is there any push notification software for free?

Yes, Truepush is a free push notification software. Truepush is being currently used by 30,000+ brands at a global level across 164+ countries.  Truepush, a free push notification service is easy to install and provides the following integration options:  Push notifications for WordPressPush notifications for JoomlaPush notifications for SquarespacePush notifications for...