Truepush code integration

How to check if Truepush Code is Integrated Correctly?

Truepush code integration is an easy and 5 minutes setup process. Follow the below instructions to find if the Truepush code is placed correctly on your website: 1. Check whether the sw.js (Service Worker) file is placed in the root folder.  Go to your website and type “sw.js” after the main URL and check if the code appears as shown in...
Web Push Technology

What is web push technology?

Web push technology is an internet-based communication where the data is pushed from a server without the client’s request. But you can only send push messages to users on accepting website opt-in request. Websites can deliver various kinds of content like new blogs alert, discount offers, software updates, etc to engage audiences with web push technology. These web push...
What are push notifications

What exactly are push notifications? Are they ads, or what?

Push notifications are not any type of ad. They are update alerts from your favourite brands and websites. Unlike other marketing messages, these are user permission-based notifications. Websites or apps can only push messages to the users who subscribed for the service. Nowadays push notifications implementation is in every industry like blogging, news, eCommerce,...
how do I send browser push notifications?

How does FCM push notification work?

Services like Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Apple’s APNS are the base for mobile push notifications. These services enable notifications on Safari, and Windows Notification Service for Microsoft Edge. source Taking FCM as an example, it’s a messaging solution that allows websites and mobile applications to send push notifications to subscribers. The subscriber’s data, along with the notification content, is...
Unlimited features from Truepush

What are the features of Truepush?

Truepush, being a Free-Forever Service, provides many high-end features that are usually, paid solutions from our other competitors. Current Truepush Features: Unlimited Notifications CampaignsAdd Unlimited DomainsUnlimited Websites IntegrationDesktop NotificationsSupports HTTP & HTTPSMulti-browser support2-way Opt-inRSS-to-Push with segmentationsScheduling notifications at a time intervalMultidevice Notification Preview.TTL & Expire of notificationsWebsite and campaign wise analyticsTagsUnlimited Segmentations-...
integrating Truepush

Will integrating Truepush impact my page load time?

No, integrating Truepush will not affect your website page load time. The SDK of Truepush is programmed in such a way that it loads after all the other important aspects of your webpage have loaded. The notification page design loads after the website load completely. Also, read:How do...
Browsers Truepush supports

What Browsers does Truepush Notifications support?

Business vector created by – Below is the current list of browsers Truepush supports for desktop and mobile browsers. We’re not limited to the below-mentioned browsers, we keep updating this list, as and when we finish development for respective browsers. Truepush is a free push notification platform where websites can send unlimited push notifications to users for free. You can curate...
calculate retention rate

How do you calculate a retention rate?

User retention gives you an understanding of how many users stayed after a specific period.  This is how you can calculate your user retention.
Truepush FAQ poster

What are push and pull notifications?

Push notifications are the message alerts that a server sends to push notification specific user. Here a user does not send a request to the server. However, Pull notifications are updates delivered to a computer or mobile device when a user sends requests through a remote server.  An example of a push notification is the updates you receive from your preferred...
truepush faq

What is Samsung Push Service and do I need it?

The Samsung push service provides the notification on Samsung devices for services like Samsung Apps, Link, Wallet, Pay, etc. A user would not receive notifications if he/she deletes the service from their devices.  If you own a Samsung device, you can choose the Samsung push service to receive important updates for Samsung services only.