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Does iOS support web push notifications?

No, Apple does not support web push notifications on ios devices yet. However, Apple does support desktop push notifications for all browsers except the Safari browser. For Safari push notifications, you need to download a .P12 certificate. To download the certificate, check out the procedure here. 
how do I send browser push notifications?

How do I set browser notifications?

Integrate with Truepush to send browser notifications. Here are the steps to set up your browser web notifications.Sign-up to Truepush.  Create a new project Integrate the code to your site Send your browser push notifications.Read the guide to follow the complete push notification integration process. 
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Can Web App send push notifications?

Yes, web app send push notifications to desktop and mobile devices users.To send these browser push notifications, there are two ways you can do it.First, you can set up your own notification platform. However, setting up your push notification platform requires time contribution and a lot of resources. The other best option is you can integrate existing push notifications...
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What is the free plug-in that allows you to send push notifications to apple...

Truepush WordPress plugin is a free and best push notification service that allows you to send browser notifications to desktop and mobile. You can send web notifications to android on both web and mobile devices whereas, for Apple products, you can send only on the desktop version for all browsers excluding the Safari browser. This is as per Apple’s...
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What is Best & Free SEO Plugin for WordPress? Truepush

We have many free SEO plugins for WordPress that can help in forming strategies for increasing organic traffic. Here are some of the popular plugins like Yoast SEO, All In One SEO Pack, Rank Math SEO.Building consistent traffic on your site is one of the crucial parameters for a healthy SEO score. You...
Free WordPress Plugins

Does WordPress have free plugins?

Yes, you can find multiple tools for every purpose to manage your WordPress website. users can find free plugins and paid ones for every function. you can search for these plugins with description and installation options at you are looking for user engagement plugins, check this free WordPress...
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Are WordPress Plugins Worth It?

WordPress plugins enable websites to add or create new functionalists to their sites.You can always try out plugins to see what works the best for your site and not hinder the site’s performance.If you are looking for user engagement plugins, check this free WordPress tool to send push notifications to your users
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What are the best free WordPress plugins?

Some of the best free WordPress plugins are as below.Truepush: to send free push notifications to re-engage and retain your site visitors.   Yoast SEO: to optimize your site’s on-page SEO parameters.Broken Link Checker: to search for internal and external broken links.MailChimp: to build your email marketing lists. Ninja Forms: to easily create...
how do I send browser push notifications?

Are WordPress Plugins Available for Free?

Yes, WordPress provides many plugins that helps owners to operate and manage a website. You can find both free and paid plugins with providing different features. Every now and then these plugins are updated with software, features, user interface to improve the experience of the users.At present you can find 59,617 WordPress plugins...
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Where do I find WordPress Plugins?

You can find WordPress plugins using this URL:, you can search for plugins in your WordPress panel to the left side as shown in the image below.WordPress plugins searchIf you are looking for user engagement plugins, check this free WordPress tool to send push notifications to your...