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Why choose Truepush as your preferred push notifications service?

Truepush is a trusted push notification service provider for both web and mobile. Truepush has acquired more than 2500+ developers/ marketers globally in one year.Read: Why Truepush is free?PFB features that make Truepush one of the most preferred Push Notifications Tool.
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What happens if I cross the 30K+ Subscribers limit for my website?

You need to upgrade to the Truepush pricing plan after crossing the 30K+ subscribers for your website. Users can also join the monetization plan to generate additional revenue.
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Where do push notifications appear?

Push notifications appear on the user’s devices like desktop and mobile. On the desktop, push notifications appear to the right bottom of the desktop screen. More than one announcement appears in the queue. Once you click on these notifications, you will be redirected to the website or a brand page. On...
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What is the average CTR of browser push notifications?

The click through rate of push notifications differs among industries. But on average they are high compared to other engaging techniques.According to the survey from Truepush, the average CTR of push notifications is 5% when delivered to 1,000 push subscribers. Read our blog to know surprising push notification stats which give reason to...
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Is there any push notification software for free?

Yes, Truepush is a free push notification software. Truepush is being currently used by 30,000+ brands at a global level across 164+ countries. Truepush, a free push notification service is easy to install and provides the following integration options: Push notifications for WordPressPush notifications for JoomlaPush notifications for SquarespacePush notifications for...
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What does it mean to enable push notifications?

When users enable push notifications from a website they are accepting to receive popup alerts. These can be content updates, reminders, discount offers, marketing messages, etc. Push notifications are the best medium to stay connected with visitors even when they are not using the website.Register with Truepush for free and get access to...

How to Migrate Your Previous Push Subscribers to Truepush?

Before starting off with the Truepush data migration process, let us get a basic understanding of the push notification service subscription process and what exactly happens in the background.When a visitor visits a website, they would receive an opt-in prompt that seeks their permission for subscribing to the push notifications. All the users...
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What is Samsung Push Service and do I need it?

The Samsung push service provides the notification on Samsung devices for services like Samsung Apps, Link, Wallet, Pay, etc. A user would not receive notifications if he/she deletes the service from their devices. If you own a Samsung device, you can choose the Samsung push service to receive important updates for Samsung services only. 
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Is push notification reliable?

Push notifications are highly reliable compare to communication mediums like SMS, emails, etc. The deliverability of HTTPS push notifications is high. The better the infrastructure of your push notification platform is, the more reliable it turns. The best web push notification service you can integrate with is Truepush. This free forever push service is now adopted by more than 25,000+...
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Can Web App send push notifications?

Yes, web app send push notifications to desktop and mobile devices users.To send these browser push notifications, there are two ways you can do it.First, you can set up your own notification platform. However, setting up your push notification platform requires time contribution and a lot of resources. The other best option is you can integrate existing push notifications...