best browser for WordPress

Which is the best browser for WordPress site? 

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. Almost 35% of worldwide websites use WordPress.  To access the backend of your WordPress website, you would need to use a browser. There are multiple browsers available today. But, deciding which browser to use could be a great deal, since you get various functionalities that differ from each other.  Some...
Free push notifications

Why Truepush Free-Forever Push Notifications Platforms is Safe To Use?

Safety is always a concern while using free tools. Most people feel less comfortable while using free services unless provided with full information without any hidden conditions applied. Here's why Truepush service is a free and safe push notification platform to use with no hidden clauses.  Truepush, a platform for online customer engagement  
RSS to push feature

RSS-to-push notifications feature- Truepush

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhy RSS Push Notifications?How to set...

What Is Quiet Permission Web Push UI For Google Chrome80 And Mozilla Firefox?

Google and Mozilla have come up with new updates for web push on Chrome80+ and Firefox browsers. The new quieter updates are the result of building a better user experience. The Chrome versions before Chrome80 would support the previous guidelines for web push campaigns , but the versions from Chrome80 and onwards would have a slightly different process in...
Buyers Persona

What is a Buyer Persona? (And Why Does It Matter?)

Source: Freepik The ultimate goal of any business is to gain customers. These customers are what build brands, share your product, and of course, make money. But how do you gain or appeal to customers if you don’t know what they like, where they are, or how they live? Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for a bite, creating...
Optimize Website-Truepush

Optimize your website with the Latest Google updates

Introduction New technology changes, updates, and trends are constantly emerging on the web. One of these is the way search engines now use machine learning to find content that users will enjoy. With more and more people turning to the internet for information, it’s important to always be on top of your game with...
55 best user engagement tools by Truepush

Top 55+ essential tools to boost user engagement for every business

On average, companies today use 37 software tools to execute their daily activities and tasks, as revealed in a survey conducted by Siftery.  From generating leads to engaging them, there are tools available to automate every activity. However, the availability of too many software and tools can be overwhelming to decide which one would...