WordPress Themes & Plugins

How To Promote WordPress Plugins And Themes

So, you just developed and launched a WordPress plugin and theme; now it’s time to get the reward that you deserve. However, it’s not that easy; developing and launching a plugin and theme is just the beginning. You need to bring your product to your potential customer through promotion or marketing.But, the plugins...
Does push notification impact my SEO?

Do Push Notifications impact my On-page SEO?

Table of ContentsWhat is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? On-page SEO? Mutual parameters between on-page SEO and its relation to push notifications are discussed below.Increased time spent on site Decreasing bounce rate Pushing fresh content through push notifications Pageviews New users vs. returning usersSummaryAre push notifications good for a website’s SEO?Do push notifications create a direct impact...
user management


https://open.spotify.com/episode/1KeYhr9AqTc1yCX6GcnWELWhat is the USER MANAGEMENT System?User Management in simple terms is the ability to empower administrators for user access management to various IT resources. In recent times it has been recognized as the basic security essential for any organization using multiple IT resources.User...
Google Ads Trends

5 Google Ads Trends in 2021

Table of ContentsIntroduction Why Google Ad Trends? 5 GOOGLE Ads Trends You Should Know in 2021 1. Customer Match Rates  2. Enhanced Conversion 3. Performance Max Campaigns  4. Consent Mode  5. Product Feeds for Video Action Campaigns Keep Your Digital Business Game On with Google Ads Trends!Choose the Trending Keywords Identify what your Targeted Audience Seek Monitor...
Content Writing Mistakes

11 Mistakes to Avoid in Content Writing 2023

Writing high-quality content that is valuable for the brand and attracts audiences is not a 10 minutes job.Whether you are writing content for a blog, social media or advertising you need to keep in mind the basic goals to reach with content. It can be scaling up website traffic, revenue, generating leads or...
Guide to SEO and SEM, which one is better

Guide To SEO And SEM: Which Is Better?

IntroductionNowadays, the Internet has been a haven for everyone, including businesses and marketers. Essentially, people search for things online, and websites would be prioritized based on what users are searching for. Now, when it comes to search results, sites are ranked by:RelevanceCredibilityBrand or platform, etc.
blogger push notifications

8 best user engagement tools for Blogger websites 

Blogger is one of the oldest platforms for setting up your blog. There are close to seven lakh websites that are currently using Blogger. To increase your site traffic and conversions, you need to use user engagement tools.User engagement tools make your user interaction more effortless and relevant. These tools also provide metrics...
User Engagement

User Engagement Simplified With Best Strategies and KPIs.

Engaged users yield the highest ROI. Tapping the most out of your first-time visitors is not so easy. You have to engage them at the right place and the right time. There are various strategies to hook your users and give them what they want. But, how do you build these strategies?