push notification opt-out rate

6 Reasons Users Opt-Out of Push Notifications

Table of ContentsIntroductionReasons Users Opt-Out of Push NotificationsIrrelevant Push NotificationsReceiving Too Many MessagesNo Value in Push NotificationsPush...
Web Push Notification Marketing

Why Web Push Notifications are Better Than Other Marketing Channels?

Introduction We all need marketing channels to take our products and services to the customers. These are mediums to communicate with the end-users and build relationships. It’s a known fact that there is always a never-ending debate about push notifications vs other marketing channels. Web push notifications have become an integral part of every...
Welcome Push Notifications

5 Creative Welcome Push Notification Examples to Engage New Users

Introduction “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” Everyone likes to feel welcomed. It can be when a client enters your office or a visitor browses your website or install an application. Gaining an engaging first impression can set the tone for your website...
Push notifications for content marketing

All About Using Push Notifications For B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Introduction Push notification marketing may not be the primary type of marketing, but it is still very widely used. It can bring great results if done right. Besides, there are different varieties of push notifications that can help you accomplish different goals. When it comes to B2B content marketing, push notifications...
9 SEO Ranking Factors

9 Essential SEO Ranking Factors you Need to Know in 2022

Introduction What is an SEO ranking factor? Well, to begin with, what is SEO itself?  SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the blanket term for any and all actions that are taken to improve a website’s ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The ranking is...
social media in business strategy

Why You Should Keep Social Media in Your Business Strategy

Social media has become an integral part of the marketing industry, therefore it is important to know how to use it to your advantage. In this blog article, you'll learn why social media marketing is a vital tool today and how it can benefit your business. Why You Should Include Social Media in Your...
push notifications for investment apps

Why are Push Notifications Essential for Investment Apps?

Introduction You can see push notifications are implemented in every vertical mobile app to stay in continual interaction with users. In this swing investment apps are not exceptional. We can observe an increase in people's interest in investments and trading apps including the millennial generation. With smartphones, being a part of...
Guide to SEO and SEM, which one is better

Guide To SEO And SEM: Which Is Better?

Introduction Nowadays, the Internet has been a haven for everyone, including businesses and marketers. Essentially, people search for things online, and websites would be prioritized based on what users are searching for.  Now, when it comes to search results, sites are ranked by: RelevanceCredibilityBrand or platform, etc.
push notification CTR

7 Tips to Increase Web Push Notifications Click Through Rate | Truepush

Introduction Push notifications have become an integral part of every industry user engagement strategy. You can observe these push messages popping up on your desktops and mobile devices but how many of them do you care to open? With the rising popularity and usage of browser push notifications, it’s becoming tough...
customer retention rate

8 Push Notification Strategies to Improve Customer Retention Rate

Introduction “Customer retention is the single most important thing for growth” Have you ever thought about what difference it could make if you concentrate on customer retention to grow your business? Making that initial conversion is great but nothing can beat customers coming back to your website....