Keeping in touch with customers and helping them shop smoothly is super important in online shopping. Drip push notifications are like the superheroes of online stores, changing how businesses talk to their customers.

Airship push notification statistics find that rich push notifications can increase open rates by up to 56%. You can also achieve the same results by understanding drip push notifications easily. In this article, we'll explain what they are, why they matter in online shopping, and why we made this guide in the first place. Let's dive in!

What is Drip Push Notification?

Drip push notifications, at their core, are a form of automated messaging that allows businesses to send targeted and timely messages to users based on their behavior, preferences, or interactions with the brand.

Unlike traditional mass notifications, drip notification campaigns are strategically designed to nurture leads and guide users through a carefully crafted journey, delivering personalized content that resonates with individual interests and needs.

Significance and Purpose of Drip Push Notifications

Drip push notifications are a big deal in online shopping. They help businesses engage customers better by sending personalized messages at the right time based on how users behave.

It makes the shopping experience smoother for customers and encourages them to take action. These drip messages help keep customers in the loop, build loyalty, and boost sales.

Drip Campaigns vs Drip Push Notifications

Drip campaigns and drip notifications form a powerful duo in modern communication strategies. Drip campaigns deploy automated messages gradually, guiding users through a journey, while drip notifications ensure timely and personalized engagement.

By delivering real-time updates and prompting actions, this combination improves user experience, boosts conversions, and fosters lasting customer relationships. In a world where personalization is key, the synergy between drip campaigns and notifications is indispensable for effective communication.

Types of Push Notifications in E-Commerce

There are various types of push notifications that e-commerce businesses can leverage to communicate with their customers effectively. Here are some common types with examples:

1. Transactional Notifications

Transactional push notifications are triggered by specific user actions, such as completing a purchase, receiving an order confirmation, or updating shipping and delivery status. These notifications provide real-time, relevant information, Improving the overall user experience. For instances:

Order Confirmation:

Example: "Thank you for your purchase! Your order #123456 has been confirmed. You'll receive a shipping update soon."

Shipping Notification:

Example: "Great news! Your order has been shipped. Track your package here: [Tracking Link]."

Delivery Confirmation:

Example: "Exciting news! Your order has been delivered. We hope you love your new items!"

2. Promotional Notifications

Promotional push notifications are crafted to promote special offers, discounts, or new product launches. These notifications are sent to a broader audience and are designed to stimulate immediate action. Here are some examples:

Flash Sale Announcement:

Example: "🎉 Flash Sale Alert! Get 25% off on all electronics this weekend. Limited stock. Shop now!"

Holiday Promotion:

Example: "Celebrate the holidays with us! Enjoy a festive 20% discount on selected items. Use the code: HOLIDAY20."

Seasonal Clearance:

Example: "Out with the old, in with the new! Shop our end-of-season clearance for up to 50% off."

3. Cart Abandonment Notifications

Cart abandonment push notifications are deployed when users add items to their cart but leave the website without completing the purchase. These notifications serve as gentle reminders and often include incentives, such as discounts or free shipping, to entice users to return and finalize their purchases. Here are some examples:

Reminder to Complete Purchase:

Example: "Oops! Looks like you left something in your cart. Complete your purchase now and enjoy free shipping."

Incentive to Checkout:

Example: "Don't miss out! Complete your order today and get an extra 15% off. Use code: CHECKOUT15."

Benefits of Drip Push Notifications

The benefits of drip push notifications in e-commerce are vast and impactful. Let's break down why these notifications are a game-changer.

  • Increased Engagement: Drip push notifications allow you to deliver personalized content, exclusive offers, or recommendations that cater to individual interests and significantly increase engagement.
  • Targeted Messaging: Drip push notifications enable you to send targeted messages to specific customer segments, ensuring that your messages resonate with recipients and increasing the likelihood of interaction.
  • Encouraging Repeat Purchases: By strategically sending reminders about replenishing products, promoting loyalty programs, or offering exclusive discounts, you can boost customer retention and increase lifetime value.
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: You can unlock the potential of your product catalog by using drip push notifications to cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Strategic Cart Recovery: Strategic reminders to customers about items left in their cart can sweeten the deal with limited-time discounts or free shipping.
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency: Drip push notifications create a sense of urgency, prompting customers to take immediate action.

How to Implement Drip Push Notifications Effectively

Implementing drip push notifications effectively involves several key steps, from building a subscriber list to crafting compelling messages and managing timing and frequency. Here's a guide to help you through each stage:

1. Building a Subscriber List

Incentivize the process to boost the opt-in rate of your push notification. Introduce captivating incentives such as exclusive content, tailored discounts, or early access. Clearly articulate the unique value and emphasize how to push notifications to improve their experience.

Ensure to craft an opt-in process that seamlessly integrates with the user experience, making subscriptions effortless. Strategically ask for permission, choosing moments of positive interaction or achievement to increase the likelihood of consent.

2. Crafting Compelling Messages

Condense messages to their essence, delivering impactful content with brevity. Tailor your drip messages to align with individual user preferences and behaviors, fostering a sense of personal connection.

Infuse messages with personalization elements, utilizing user names and pertinent information. Use language that motivates specific actions, encouraging users to engage. Also, employ responsive and appealing visuals across diverse devices, providing a seamless experience.

3. Timing and Frequency

Next is to determine the ideal sending time by analyzing user behavior through a user-centric lens to pinpoint peak engagement times. Adjust sending times to accommodate different time zones, considering your audience's diversity.

Time your drip notifications based on user actions or behaviors by creating a dynamic and responsive messaging strategy. Additionally, segment your audience strategically, tailoring notifications to specific demographics or behaviors for improved relevance.

Additional Tips:

  • Continuous Monitoring and Analysis: Regularly monitor the performance of your push notification campaigns, using analytical insights to iterate and refine your strategies.
  • Adherence to Compliance: Stay informed about evolving data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring strict adherence to relevant laws and standards.

Tools and Platforms for Drip Push Notification in E-commerce

Drip push notifications play a crucial role in e-commerce by allowing businesses to engage with their customers in a personalized and timely manner. Here are some famous tools and platforms for drip push notifications in the e-commerce space:

1. Truepush

Truepush is a free push notification platform offering various features for businesses looking to engage with their audience. Truepush is known for its affordability and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for small and large enterprises.

Key Features:

  • Multi-browser support
  • Segmentation for targeted messaging
  • Real-time analytics
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

2. PushNinja

PushNinja Drip Push Notifications is designed for automated and personalized push notifications. This tool is particularly useful for marketers creating strategic and timely messaging.

Key Features:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Audience segmentation for precise targeting 
  • real-time analytics
  • customization options

3. MoEngage

MoEngage is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that covers various channels, including push notifications.MoEngage suits businesses seeking a unified platform to manage their multichannel engagement strategies.

Key Features:

  • Personalized messaging
  • A/B testing for optimization 
  • Behavioral analytics to understand user actions 
  • Automation capabilities 

4. CleverTap 

CleverTap is a mobile marketing platform that provides various engagement tools, including push notifications. CleverTap suits businesses seeking an integrated approach to engage users across various channels.

Key Features:

  • Segmentation for targeted messaging
  • Real-time analytics
  • Personalized campaigns based on user behavior
  • Multichannel capabilities 

5. PushEngage

PushEngage is a push notification platform known for its simplicity and effectiveness. PushEngage is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, and it provides tools to increase customer engagement and retention through push notifications. 

Key Features:

  • Personalized notifications
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Segmentation for targeted messaging,
  • Real-time analytics.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them in Marketing

Drip notifications in e-commerce can be a powerful tool for engaging and retaining customers. However, like any marketing strategy, there are common challenges that businesses may face. Here are some challenges and suggestions on how to overcome them:

Challenge: Bombarding customers with too many drip notifications can lead to feeling overwhelmed and annoyed.

Solution: Segment your audience based on their preferences, behaviors, and purchase history. Tailor your drip campaigns accordingly, sending relevant content at appropriate intervals. Additionally, it provides an easy way for users to manage their notification preferences.

Challenge: Generic drip campaigns may only resonate with some customers.

Solution: Use customer data to personalize your drip notifications. Leverage information such as past purchases, browsing behavior, and preferences to send targeted and relevant messages. A personalized approach increases the likelihood of engagement.

Challenge: Sending notifications at the wrong time or too frequently can result in customers ignoring or unsubscribing from your messages.


  1. Analyze customer behavior and identify the optimal times for sending notifications.
  2. Test different schedules to determine when your audience is most responsive.
  3. Be mindful of the frequency; too many notifications can lead to fatigue.

Challenge: Failing to optimize drip notifications for mobile devices can result in a poor user experience.


  1. Design your drip notifications to be mobile-friendly.
  2. Ensure they are easily readable on various screen sizes, and test them across different devices to guarantee a seamless experience.
  3. Consider using responsive design principles.

Challenge: Drip notifications needing a clear CTA may not drive the desired customer action.

Solution: Craft compelling and concise CTAs that communicate the desired action. Whether it's making a purchase, visiting a website, or exploring a new product, the CTA should be prominent and easy to understand. Experiment with different wording to find what resonates best.

Challenge: Customers may hesitate to engage with drip notifications due to data security and privacy concerns.

Solution: Communicate your privacy policies and reassure customers that their data is secure. Allow users to manage their privacy settings easily. Transparency builds trust, so be open about the type of data you collect and how it is used.


In summary, Drip Push Notifications are a game-changer for e-commerce. They boost engagement, drive conversions, and address cart abandonment. If you haven't already, it's time to implement them to forge stronger connections with your customers and boost sales.

But remember, it doesn't end with implementation—ongoing optimization is the key to sustained success. Regularly analyze data, adapt to changing trends, and refine your strategies. With Drip Push Notifications, your e-commerce business can stay ahead and deliver exceptional customer experiences.