Truepush received the High Performer Winter 2023 award from the G2 review service.

With the new hopes and goals to reach this year, the award from G2 Reviews boosted our commitment and passion for providing exceptional services. 

It states that high customer satisfaction is one of the main criteria for evaluating the awards. We are thrilled to be the awardee and grateful to all our clients for trusting our product.

Truepush Award

We strive to provide optimum services for clients in engaging their audiences and building extensive relationships. 

Truepush is also an awardee of the Easiest To Do Business & Mostly Recommended Push Notification Service for small businesses. 

G2 Award for Truepush
Truepush G2 Award
It’s great to see all the satisfied & favourable testimonials from our clients which are the reason for the awards. 

Truepush always seeks to provide an easy setup process and a user-friendly interface. The Easiest Setup and Easiest To Use awards vocalize this from our clients.

G2 Awards 2023

Push Notification Service Truepush

We are delighted to receive these awards from a trusted website like G2-Business Software and Services Reviews. The tool 

evaluates the genuine reviews in the G2 crowd and awards the services in their respective categories.

Gratitude Note

We are grateful and will cherish these awards and put efforts into providing better services. Truepush trusts in evolving constantly and listens to clients in upgrading and introducing features in the push service. 

Our journey to reach these places is dynamic and continuous development. Truepush appreciates every member for giving the best in their roles. We will endeavour to equity these awards and assist clients in achieving their goals. 

About Truepush

We are a free push notification tool that serves websites in engaging and retaining users. Truepush advanced features segmentation, RSS to push, triggers, campaign expiry, and rich push aid in planning successful push campaigns. We are now a community of 40,000+ clients from different niche industries who trust us.

Websites can send unlimited push notifications to push subscribers without any additional charges. 

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