Push notifications are updates that are delivered straight to the user’s devices. Some questions might appear in your mind like- how to engage your site visitors? how can you re-engage users who have abandoned your app after their first use?

The answer is simple! Use push notifications with a strategic approach. The most important aspect of sending push notifications is while engaging your segmented audience. The most specific you get in online engagement, the higher conversions you receive.

1. Through the segments option available on the Truepush Dashboard, you can select your own target customers/users and name them into various categories like men’s, women’s, kids, college, etc. for your easy interpretation.

2. Select segment properties to choose your own specific end users on the basis of OS, browsers, country, day of the week, an hour of the day, last visited date, subscription date, and a lot more.

3. IMPORTANT NOTE- If your targeted user cannot be categorized into our already existing segments, you still don’t need to worry, we provide Custom Tags in the code integration tab on the left side panel, wherein you can provide your tag name, data type and value to create your own segments.

About Truepush

Truepush is the world’s most affordbale Push Notification platform. We are so glad to announce our RSS-to-Push and Audience Segmentation features are now updated to give you the best in the world engaging experience. 

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