Audience segmentation is crucial for better communication. Different audiences have different communication needs. The segmentation process helps in the division of the audience into smaller groups with similar interests or characteristics so that they are updated or notified according to the communication needs.

Let us see how Cracku makes use of Truepush to re-engage its visitors and acquire maximum retention. 

About Cracku

Cracku is an online coaching and test preparation portal where the users are provided with the study materials of the competitive examinations such as MBA, Banking, SSC, Railways, etc. The study materials are provided in the form of videos, notes, solved example sets, topic tests, etc. to help students crack these exams in flying colors. 

Now, every student shows an interest in writing any particular exam. And, that particular person would visit their website to surf the relevant information. Since Cracku offers information, test materials, and mock tests of different forms of examinations, it had the challenge to update the users with frequent notifications. 

To overcome this challenge, Cracku brilliantly uses the Audience segmentation feature along with the  RSS-to-Push feature from Truepush. 

Cracku has integrated Truepush in November 2019 and has gained more than 260K subscribers, who consume the daily content published on the website.

How is Cracku targeting its users using audience segments and RSS-to-Push?

Cracku has segmented its audiences based on the user’s many page visits. This segmentation feature has helped Cracku in particularizing its users and targeting them with relevant updates using personalized push messages. 

The cases

Audience Segmentation
Audience Segmentation

The above image shows how Cracku has segmented its users based on user behavior. This helped Cracku to send targeted push notifications and gain more traction towards the website. 

The RSS feed
The RSS feed

Cracku updates its website very frequently daily, and with the help of the RSS-to-Push feature, it sends out push notifications with ease to the scheduled or targeted segment audience. 

Cracku now uses the RSS-to-push feature of Truepush to deliver Push Notifications every day. 

Srikanth Lingamneni, Co-founder at Cracku, gave Truepush valuable feedback on one of our advanced feature- Project duplication.

Srikanth Lingamneni, Co-founder at Cracku
Srikanth Lingamneni, Co-founder at Cracku

“Truepush provided me with the project duplication feature which no other service has. This helped me save a lot of man-hours. Thank you, Truepush, for this feature!”

Results- Growing audiences!

Results - Growing Audience

260K+ audience powered by Truepush

Cracku has grown its audience to more than 260K subscribers with web push notifications. This online study portal acquires more than 600 subscribers a day as it maintains consistency in engagement practices. They remained mindful of the line drawn between engaging and spamming a user with notifications and hence, stepping out with the best results. Cracku holds an overall website monthly traffic of more than 1 million visits.  

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