Push notifications have higher click-through rates than other channels of engagement like email, SMS, etc. 

To increase the Click-through rate of your push campaigns, focus on the below pointers. 

  • Include rich media in your push notifications. Make use of clear and relevant big notification images. 
  • Include the Click to action (CTA) button in your push notifications copy. Make use of powerful words that evoke emotions in your customers. For example, hurry now, purchase now, read now, explore now, go to sales, etc. 
  • Optimize your push title and description. Chose powerful words and keep them as short as possible.
  • Send the push notifications at the right time for your users. Choose the timings when your users are most engaged on their devices.
  • Keep the push notifications frequency to an optimized count. The lesser push notification frequency might not bring continuous engagement. And the very high frequency of push notifications can lead to a poor user experience. 
  • Target the right audience for your push campaign. The relevancy of push notifications and the targeted users plays a crucial role in conversion rates. 
  • Automate your push notifications through the RSS-to-push feature. The automated campaigns save considerable time that goes into manually creating the campaigns. In addition to that, automated engagement creates a smooth process of driving traffic to your site and more conversions.