Tune yourself in! Truepush brings you another podcast episode 60 with GeekyAnts.

About the Company

GeekyAnts is India based technology company specializing in web and mobile product development. GeekyAnts build web and mobile applications using Node, React, React Native, and other web technologies. The company’s portfolios include working for well-known brands like PayPoint, and more while delivering the best in class web and mobile apps products.

The discussion: Quick brief up  

Sanket Sahu, Founder & CEO at GeekyAnts takes us on the journey of how GeekyAnts, which he calls the product studio, aims at turning ideas into reality by developing mobile and web apps. 

Sharing his views on the current pandemic scenario and the shift in outsourcing trends, Sanket states, “The quality has improved for sure, for the outsourced work” and much has changed in delivering the final product to the clients. From starting as an individual to running a company of more than 270 employees, explains how the global markets have evolved.  

As the discussion steers forward, we covered more crucial information on how GeekyAnts is beneficial for startups and big companies and how the UI has helped in transforming the businesses. 

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