“This is not the new normal, this is a new reality” – Ex-CEO Ranganathan Somanathan

A tough but meaningful journey of Ranganathan overseeing Malaysia and Singapore.

About the Speaker

A marketing and communication expert, with experience leading teams across Asia. Proven to grow business by enabling people to realize their potential with strategic guidance. Recognized as a trusted advisor by clients and media partners, have nurtured strong relationships with leadership amongst Agency, Media and Advertiser ecosystems across the APAC region.

Speaking about his journey

“I was overseeing two markets, Malaysia and Singapore, and they are very diverse in terms of scale and nuances, had to apply two distinct leadership styles to pivot businesses across both markets.

I believe over the last four years when I look back, we are looking at improved employee engagement scores, and looking at improved client satisfaction scores answer have achieved most of the KPIs that we set out to achieve.”

The Gist of the Discussion

When asked about the impacts of the pandemic on media publishers he says,

“Depending on which medium you are representing there are varying degrees of impact, the outer form, and cinema, media owners saw their spends getting decimated. 

The magazines were the next ones to be impacted. Massive erosion in magazine readership and subscriptions happened around this time. Pressure hit the magazine space.

In terms of newspaper and television, they had a decline at a much slower pace, and that is mostly thanks to public service messages that had to deal with COVID situations.”

The drastic impact it had on the galloping digital space

“Digital space saw a sudden slowdown, but we are seeing light at the end of a tunnel with market easing from the lockdown and consumers coming back to the fore, these are encouraging marketers to invest in brand building and consumer engagement.

Marketers who have their distribution strategies in place and brand building strategies in place will have a much faster recovery. This is the opportune movement for them to move back in.”

About global marketing plan:

  1. Paying attention to market-specific consumers’ local nuances
  2. Anchoring out on consumer benefit rather than on product functionality.
  3. Understand the structured brand messaging and cater to the expressed need of the consumer.

“To have meaningful user engagement, we need to nudge the consumer about why they need to consider us” – He further explains this with a funnel concept.

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