“Freedom to face failures led me to launch Paperboy, which is now used by readers across 65 countries ” – Karthik Jonna, Co-Founder of Paperboy.

About the speaker

Karthik Jonna, a 20-year-old who made it to the very prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2020 list is the Co-founder of Paperboy. Karthik, during his 1st year of undergraduate studies, juggled between studies and work for 2 years at a very young age and has become a successful entrepreneur.

About Paperboy 

Firstly, Paperboy is a digital newspaper delivery platform that started taking shape on a study table is now being used every day by readers across 65 countries. Furthermore, the main aim is to curb fake news by making publications easily available to people. Paperboy has won various awards & recognitions such as Startup awards 2018 “Best Tech aggregator of the year” by Entrepreneur magazine and Franchise India.

The Gist of the Discussion

Karthik in his first-ever podcast talking about Paperboy,

How it all started, “Once my dad and I were discussing why the youngsters don’t read newspapers every morning and that’s the main thought behind paperboy.”

Fake news plays a big role in the news media.

“A lot of people were falling prey to fake news. At this time, it struck to us why not deliver the newspapers to mobile phones or devices before 5 or 6 am in the morning. That way the news will just be a click away ”

How do you onboard different magazines and papers?

“I think the process is pretty simple, they have to be RNI registered with the press bureau of India and various other government agencies. Firstly, we take the RNI number, we talk and negotiate with them, so before they send it to print they send a copy to our servers and it is directly pushed to the users who subscribed for it.”

Talking about target audiences and the engagement,

  1. Targeting the millennials
  2. Keeping the data factual 
  3. Using push notifications and focusing on user experience 

Furthermore, he tells in detail about the strategies they used and hurdles faced by him while launching the product.  

He concludes by saying “Innovation is the key, not imitation”.

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