Using Truepush, our clients send more than 200 million notifications a day and millions of notifications are being scheduled at the same time on a daily basis. This includes both simple notifications and notifications scheduled through RSS. Sending a huge number of free push notifications at the same time caused severe server spikes, and most of our clients could experience the website breakdown too. 

To resolve this particular issue, we at Truepush have launched the “Batching feature.” This feature allows our clients to send free push notifications in batches i.e., sending X no. of free push notifications per batch and a selected time interval to start the next occurring batch of notifications.

Here’s how you can enable this feature from our Truepush dashboard-

  1. Login to the Truepush dashboard.
  2. Go to the “settings” tab on the right side of the dashboard.
  3. The batches feature will appear, as shown below.

Batches from Truepush
Batches from Truepush

Choose the no. of notifications per batch and preferred time interval (in mins) to start sending push notifications the next consecutive batch. 

For example, if you have 10000 subscribers, create a batch of 2000 subscribers. Choose a preferred time period of 10 minutes. The second batch of (2000 subscribers) will receive notifications after 10 mins of completing the first batch and so on.

This feature has helped our clients in avoiding server spikes and breakdowns thus resulting in the successful completion of the campaigns.

Here’s to feedback from our customers- 

We have requested the batch notifications feature because sending push notifications to thousands of subscribers at the same time was stressing the server and sometimes it was going down.

Since we are using the batch notification, servers are always up and can bear with stress.

We are sending 150000 notifications every 5 minutes and it is working well so far.” Mehdi from


Pankaj from JournalDev sends 5000 notifications every 5 minutes and says that it’s working really well for him.

Pankaj from JournalDev

Note- This feature has been updated to specific clients only. If you want to enable this feature, kindly contact us at

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