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How to send a notification

*Notification is a brief message that appears directly on your user’s devices. To send a notification, three simple steps need to be followed as shown below. Insert visible details for notification which includes a notification title, message, and a URL[…]  


Truepush Dashboard

Truepush Dashboard consists of the following tabs.

  • Create new notification
  • Dashboard
  • Campaigns[…]


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RSS-to-Push from Truepush notifications.

How to use RSS to Push Notifications in Truepush

RSS-to-Push is a simple tool for content blogs and websites. Rich Site Summary, abbreviated as RSS, or sometimes referred to as Really Simple Syndication is a web feed format. It’s a medium for content distribution. […]



A man with a welcome notification banner.
Welcome Notification for websites

Create A Welcome Notification

Welcome Notification is a warm message that confirms a user of his subscription to your website. It’s the first impression of your website.

There are two methods to create a Welcome Notification.[…]



green tick mark opt-in
Opt-in settings for Truepush Notifications.

 Opt-in Settings

Opt-in is a notification that lets a user decide if he/she wants to subscribe to your website and receives notifications then onwards. We have two types of opt-ins which are divided into the following categories.   1. One Way Opt-in[…]  




Frequency graphics
Change opt-in frequency using Truepush notifications.

Change Optin Frequency In Truepush

Opt-in is a notification that lets a user decide if he/she wants to subscribe to your website and receives notifications then onwards. Follow the below 2 simple steps to change the frequency of the opt-in.[…]


Project infographic
Creating a new project.

   Create a New Project

Create a New Project from the Truepush dashboard as explained in the steps below. Step 1– New Project Details[…]        




How to use GDPR function on Truepush

You need to take consent from your users to use any tool that may involve the use of cookies or using their Data according to GDPR. To help you get there. We made a few changes to the product and our te[…]  


finger deleting infographic
Deleting a Project or a Platform.

How to delete a “Platform” or a “Project”

A project or a platform deletion is an easy process. You can delete your projects or platforms which is not needed anymore or were temporarily made. Follow the steps to delete a project or a platform. There are two ways you can delete a project or a platform.[…]  


Add a test user to your Truepush dashboard

Way to Add Test User to your Truepush Dashboard

Test users as the name suggests is used to check for the notifications. A test user can see how the notifications are coming considering its timings, appearance, and error-free content. The process to add a new test user to your Truepush dashboard is by following the steps below. […]  


Add Custom Tag to HTTP   

Custom tags code is available from the Truepush dashboard. This code needs to be installed in order to create your own user segment apart from the already present segments on the Dashboard[…]   


Safari browser
Create .p12 certificate for safari push notifications.

How To Create .P12 Certificate For Safari Push Notifications

Here are the details to create and upload a .P12 certificate from your apple account. It will take you a few minutes to create.[…]


WP Rocket Plugin Settings For Using Truepush

WP Rocket is a paid plugin for your WordPress site that speeds up the page load. As the site traffic increases, adding every new blog post or any website content increases the page’s load time. WP Rocket plugin is used[…]


Multi-user Management System

Welcome to Truepush Multi User Management. Login with the Admin using credentials on the login page. Once logged in, one of the features you will see on the left side of the dashboard is the Users tab. This tab leads you to the multi-user management system.[…]


Truepush Integration with AMP for WordPress

AMP for WP automatically adds Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality to your WordPress site. It makes your website faster for Mobile visitors. In order to avail the advantages of AMP, it is important to first integrate Truepush with your WordPress web service. […]