The rise in job portals in 2021 suggests how increasingly the rise in employment has been going on. Especially during the times of the pandemic, the need to find the right job at the right locations plays a crucial role for all job seekers. 

This encourages the job portals to engage their users with timely and crucial updates.

So, how do the job portals engage their users? 

Push notifications campaigns are the answer. 


The job portals provide users with various job listings and opportunities. Push notifications marketing tools deliver these updates straight to the devices and job seekers just a click away to explore relevant job positions.

Once users click on the notifications, they are redirected to the job portal. This not only connects job seekers with the relevant job notifications but also brings repeat traffic to the website. 

The higher traffic brings more visibility to the job portal in search engine result pages. 

How to implement push notifications for job portals?

Below are the important parameters to consider while implementing the push notification strategy. 

Time and frequency

How often and at what time do you push job alerts? 

These are the important aspects of the best push notification strategy, be it a job portal or a website of any other niche. 

Let’s understand the importance of push notification timing and its frequency from the job seeker’s perspective.  

Imagine if users receive job notifications at midnight when they are asleep. The chances are very likely that your job update would be ignored. Or even if users check their devices in the morning, there will be a long queue of notifications. And the result? A user might cancel all the notifications at once.  

Now, consider the importance of push notification frequency. Imagine if you receive job alerts every few minutes. You would most likely be frustrated as a user and block future job updates from any job website. 

Therefore the push frequency and timing play a crucial role in building the right engagement if used strategically. 

  • Maintain push notifications frequency of 3-5 a day. It is always recommended to find the right push notification frequency by experimenting with your audience before. 

You can always check how many push notifications a day are bringing in more engagement or if it’s increasing the churns. Based on the results, you can optimize your job notifications. 

  • Send push notifications during the maximum engagement period of job seekers with their devices. The afternoon time period is when most of the audience is engaged in their phones. 

Moring time can also be utilized when the users are consuming their daily internet feed, hence increased engagement.  

The right time for sending job alerts is directly linked with the increased click-through rates. 

Segmentation of job seekers

Every audience needs to be segmented in order to have maximized conversions. The audience for the job portal can be segmented based on key parameters like location, experience, preferred job roles, and more.

Job alerts for a specific location 

A job seeker may search for a job position in a specific location, for example, India, the US, etc. Or more specific locations like any state or a city.

Truepush segment feature

Segmenting your users based on their locations is crucial as sending generic job alerts can lead to higher churns.

You can select the required segment while creating a campaign and target particular audiences.

Job alerts for specific Industry

There are hundreds of different industries and your users belong to their specific niche. Send job alerts to your users based on their relevant industry. 

For example, some of your users might be looking for a job in the healthcare sector, whereas some might be willing to find a job in the financial sector.

Sending all the job alerts to all your users without emphasizing their chosen industry will lead to a poor experience online.

Therefore segmentize your audience based on where their interests lie.

Job alerts based on experience

A job profile may require some prior working experience. 

For example, an IT job might require 8 years of experience. Therefore, sending your users job roles that are for entry-level or for freshers would not make any sense. You can create segments based on experience level such as entry-level, mid-seniority level, senior level, top c-level executives, and so on.

The whole idea behind segmenting your audience is to engage them with their interests and preferences. This in turn leads to increased conversion. 

And you can also think of it from the customer experience perspective. 

As a job seeker, I would not subscribe to a website that sends all the generic job alerts, instead of based on my preferences. Therefore, push notifications should be implemented in a way that boosts the customer experience on your platform. 

RSS-to-push to automate job alerts

A job portal has hundreds and thousands of job positions. It’s not a wiser option to just send every update through manual push notifications. 

To save a considerable amount of time, RSS-to-push comes to the rescue. A job website can automate its push notifications using this feature.

Truepush RSS feed

Every time a new job position goes live, it appears in the notifications space of users’ devices. Before using the automating feature for job alerts, make sure to set it live for the target audience.

Using rich push notifications

Make your job alerts not look like any other boring alerts that receive no engagement like click-through rates, view rates, etc. Use quality images in your push notifications. And make sure to test your push copy beforehand. You can check out this detailed guide on push notification copywriting. Some of the other important parameters to create rich job push notifications are as follows. 

  • Use notification buttons to prompt users to take quick actions.

    Some of the most popular CTA texts you can use are ‘Apply Now’, ‘Hurry Now’, ‘Explore Job’, and more.
  • Make use of emoji to get higher clicks. Using emoji in job alerts improves user experience and helps job seekers further to connect with. 


Push notifications for job portals play a crucial role in continuous engagement with job seekers. To have more conversions and better engagement metrics, it is required to create the segments of your audience that are job seekers. The most important segments could be based on the specific industry, experience, preferred location, and many more.

Job alerts should be carefully delivered keeping in mind the user experience. The right push frequency and timings play a critical role in establishing your image as a job portal. As far as you maintain the user experience with timely and relevant updates, this mode of engagement will do wonders for your platform.  

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