What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a standard browsing platform allowing the users to navigate through the websites, run web applications, and display or play online content. It is free to download and use, saves sites’ authentic information, and blocks online ads from appearing on the websites.

Key features of Brave browser:

  • Brave browser is one of the first browsers to include built-in advertisements and track blockers.
  • It comes with its cryptocurrency, called BAT (or Basic Attention Token), allowing users to reimburse the websites and creators they like.

What makes Brave different from other browsers?

  • The Ads on the Brave browser are displayed on the user’s screen from its network. 
  • Brave allows the advertisers, site publishers, etc. to identify the Brave users and track the websites, the users who visit or have visited. 
  • The ad networks use trackers to show products similar to the ones purchased or have just considered, leading to the user continuously sees the same ad no matter where one navigates.
Brave ads as notifications

Brave sends ads in the form of push notifications based on the user’s browsing history. Upon clicking on this notification, a new tab will open on the browser with the associated advertisements landing page. It can be a bit intrusive to the user as they might get distracted by seeing such unwanted ads displayed on their desktop without seeking permission. 

The users can also earn some money by clicking on the ads by the Brave browser. The advertising campaigns are matched with users from their preferences based on their browsing history.

Brave Rewards

How to turn off ads from the Brave browser?

Follow the steps given below, to turn off the brave ads on the desktop. 

  1. Go to the Brave Rewards icon present near the URL section.
  2. Click on it and select the” Rewards Settings” as shown below.
Brave ad block

3. Under the Reward section, there is an “Ads” option. Use the toggle button available to disable the ads, as shown below.

Brave ad disable

And, now the user is free from the unwanted brave ads displayed on the screen. 

All these ads that are displayed in the form of push notifications are not the actual “push notifications.”

Push notifications help in user re-engagement and bring back users to the website. They are only sent to the website users who have allowed the notifications from that particular website. As of now, Truepush push notifications do not work on the brave browser, and this push notifications platform is nowhere connected with any ad networks. 


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