Site takeovers are deadly if you must be more technical to fix routines. When your site has issues, security loopholes, or instability – bad guys can quickly run scripts, exploits, or attack vectors to help them take your site's control.

This article will explain how WordPress maintenance can help you avoid site issues, especially site takeovers. You will learn what contributes to WordPress problems, what to do instead of waiting for support, and how to deal with or address issues That can cause site takeovers.

Let's proceed and address more details about the subject.

WordPress Maintenance: Avoid Site Takeovers

In simple words, avoiding site takeovers falls under WordPress maintenance. Here is a list of Factors to create, manage, and run periodic maintenance for security purposes.

Automated Scans

Automated scans help site owners track bugs. Here – a bug refers to a flaw, loophole, security issue, or gap That causes site takeovers. WordPress has no room for sudden glitches because the site maintenance routine includes automated scans.

Automated scans are mostly – software-based in nature. Once you've fired up a Tool, you can see at the end – if your site is running with loopholes. Scan reports also provide manners to address, fix, and manage identified issues.

Here is how to proceed with site maintenance with scans. There are two options to move.

  1. Support Teams for WordPress can help you run automated scans for security.
  2. You can sign up for a Tool like Acunetix to help find loopholes in WordPress sites. In this case, Acunetix is an example of Tools for web application Testing candidates.

The first option is seamless if you can spend a few dollars. The latter requires expertise, Time, and technical knowledge of how Things happen.

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Periodic Backups

As its name suggests, periodic backups help WordPress users ensure possibilities for recovery options. Daily, if your site updates frequently – weekly or monthly- backup plans help you restore your site if something unusual happens.

Backups also fall under WordPress maintenance and help users quickly stabilize WordPress sites. In this case, the following Tools help you back up WordPress assets using point-and-click options.

  • Up Draft Plus – helping users take manual backups, automate, or upload ZIP files to remote servers – Google Drive, DropBox, or Microsoft Hosting are the options.
  • Duplicator – helps users take site backups and makes site migration possible with point-and-click options.
  • Back WP Up – ideal for sending site backups by email, uploading to the server, or saving to the Desktop. This plugin provides automated backups at a small cost – though.

Above, we stressed enough WordPress plugins for periodic backups. The option is simple to help you avoid Technical expertise, as plugins are no-code platforms, especially for users with no prior knowledge of complex infrastructure(s).

Bug Fixing routines

Bug Fixing falls under WordPress maintenance and addresses, fixes, and stabilizes WordPress sites With security loopholes. In this case, a bug is anything, like an error, gap, or security glitch, that causes site takeovers.

Let's address how to fix Bugs That cause security issues in WordPress.

  • Sign up for a WordPress support service, such as Wp Tech Support. Make sure you have chosen a plan That includes fixing WordPress bugs.
  • Address loopholes in periodic reports, or see a custom dashboard to see if your site runs with dangerous loopholes.
  • Ask your plans' agents to see, find, and fix things accordingly. In this case, a live chat session can help.
  • Ask for a custom report you can see at the end. A custom report is unique to WordPress users and provides specific reports, security loopholes, and a summary of what happened on your WordPress website.

Note: Only change your WordPress background if you're Technical enough to proceed. Testing WordPress's security is technical and requires developers' assistance in most cases.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports are vital for WordPress performance, security, and stability. The information includes summaries of what caused specific scenarios, security loopholes, and instability in WordPress. After an initial investigation, a custom report also tells what has been carried out to fix, address, and eliminate future gaps of instability.

Here is how to ask for WordPress monthly reports if you have signed up for a WordPress maintenance plan.

  • See if the company provides a custom dashboard. See if you can use the Filter options to create a monthly report.
  • Ask the support agents to see, compile, and create one for your WordPress site. In some cases, automated reports are generated by support agents and not through custom dashboard options.

Once compiled, you can see if something needs immediate attention for leftovers. Especially for security, you may need to consult WordPress specialists, such as Developers, in most cases.

Web Application Firewall

A WordPress site is a web application, in simple words. The way you take site backups, a Firewall does fall under WordPress maintenance and can help you avoid site takeovers. Let's explain how a Firewall avoids security loopholes.

  1. Firewalls have pre-defined rules to detect malicious users' intentions. The rule sheet, list, or algorithms are followed once a user requests a resource.
  2. The rules are checked against users' requests – one by one, in an automated manner.
  3. If something unusual matches the rules sheet, the particular user's request is blocked, kept limited, warned, or kicked out – straight away.
  4. Firewall companies ensure their rules sheet is updated on a regular schedule. Once something new, such as attack vectors, is found, Firewall rules are rolled out with a new update.

Most companies implement automated Firewalls for WordPress users. Once you have signed up for a Hosting plan, you can see if your site's program includes one. You can also get more information from support channels.

Live Support

If you're facing real-Time issues in WordPress, you must ask live chat support agents. In this case, you can deal with hosting issues, WordPress glitches, or SEO problems. Live chat support works when a person is available to talk. In most cases, software vendors use to listen, fix, or conduct site audits when they're online.

Here is how to avoid site takeovers with live chat support.

  • For web hosting plans, you can ask if your site's data is protected with Firewall rules. In this case, you can initiate and ask support agents with a live chat session.
  • If you have a subscription with a Support Channel, you can create a support ticket, too. In this case, although it takes a while to hear back from support channels, it can help you fix WordPress issues if they're not urgent.
  • Support agents can also tell if your site is experiencing bot traffic. Bot Traffic refers to vectors, attacks, or traffic from software(s) – not humans. Usually, this happens for various purposes, from brute force attacks to tricking site traffic stats for malicious intents.

Note: Ask for premium support if your plan supports it. For example, using excellent web hosting, you can avail of fast support, which is usually helpful when your site is experiencing takeovers.


Undoubtedly, outdated tools carry loopholes, and when exploited, they can cause site takeovers. Updating your site's assets, such as Themes, Plugins, or 3rd party scripts, falls under WordPress maintenance. New updates are rolled out with patches – software updates That fix certain loopholes. So – the more frequently WordPress gets updates, the better bugs are removed for security purposes.

Here is how typical loopholes are removed with updates.

In WordPress dashboard, the Updates page shows – which Tools require updating. You can click on Update or land on separate pages for more information. If possible, you can also see more about updates on official resources.

Let's explain what users can expect from periodic updates. Simply put, here is a list of Tasks, suggestions, or benefits regarding WordPress updates.

  • Updates can help you streamline WordPress – themes, plugins, and page performance.
  • Security precautions – WordPress updates help you automatically patch weak software(s). In most cases, outdated Tools cause site takeovers.
  • WordPress updates help you integrate various options with ease. If a system requires a specific opportunity, version, or feature – updating existing infrastructure allows users to perform integration.

Tip: WordPress provides multiple options for updates. Users can turn automatic updates On or use manual updates. You can also see if manual updates using uploading can help. In most cases, such scenarios are performed during developmental routines.

Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is a process – That helps users improve their WordPress sites. Backups, updates, bug fixing, traffic logs, SEO, and speed improvements all fall under Website Monitoring. The point of impact is that site monitoring also helps users see dangers, including security dangers that could cause site instability. In this case, security loopholes, bug fixes, update routines, and speed improvements – require immediate attention.

Here is a list of suggestions for how, why, and where users can monitor the site.

  • It is old school but weights equal importance – the WordPress dashboard measures, including updates, default, content, optimization, and users require attention regarding WordPress security, performance, speed, and stability.
  • Traffic Logs – help users see if a part of WordPress is under attack. For example, – brute force attacks target sites' login portals and see if a site is penetrateable with weak credentials. In this case, once a site is penetrated, site takeovers become enjoyable, easy, and seamless for hackers. WordFence, in this case, helps users block attack vectors on login portals.
  • They outsource WordPress maintenance, site monitoring, and performance to support channels. Such services fall under WordPress support, maintenance, and media for users who need to be more technical. Usually, support channels are affordable if your site is at a basic level.

Last but not least, manual routines for site monitoring are free; however, they require manual expertise and Time. If you're not picky and can spend a few dollars, outsource.

Technical Website Audit

Site audit helps users point out site errors, security loopholes, and bugs. In simple terms, technical audits fall under WordPress maintenance and can help you avoid site takeovers by bad guys. In this case, let's explain in more detail.

  • SEO Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, or Uber Suggest help you run site audits. In this case, using automated checks – the Tools help you find if your site is experiencing errors, security loopholes, or stability issues. Once run, you can improve your site's structure, security, and performance – no doubt.
  • If the tool you're using for site audits returns security loopholes, you can make your site more secure compared to SEO issues.
  • You can also outsource site monitoring, audits, and performance to Freelancers, available on Freelancer, Fiverr, or Guru. For a one-time small fee, running site audits becomes an enjoyable routine for WordPress users.

Nowadays, site audits have become famous for two reasons – the Tools, called agency Tools, help users conduct site audits in minutes. All you have to do is put in the site URL, and the tool returns many errors to fix stability issues that need attention or performance-based glitches. WordPress maintenance services offer site audits, one-time, monthly sessions, or one-time plans in the second case. In such conditions, a small fee can help you fix loopholes and instability issues in WordPress or conduct site audits by outsourcing.

Live Sessions

Live sessions refer to chatting with live support agents. You can ask WordPress support agents if you have signed up for one. Moreover, you can also ask hosting support agents if something needs attention from the hosting end. In live sessions, WordPress maintenance is performed in real-Time, using automated access, remote access, or by altering hosting stops in the background.

Here is – how users can avoid site takeovers during live sessions.

  • Firewall rules can be updated during live sessions, making WordPress more secure in case your site experiences automated Brute Force attacks.
  • Add-ons That help you tighten security, such as Privacy – can be added using live chat support. For example, Namecheap allows technical support to help streamline and manage users' checkout processes.
  • If you've signed up for a WordPress Support Channel, you can turn live chat sessions into meaningful endeavors.

Wrapping up

WordPress maintenance is mandatory – especially when your site may experience security loopholes. Using periodic backups, scans, and site monitoring – you can quickly avoid WordPress disasters, hacks, and site takeovers.

In this resource, we hope we helped you learn how WordPress maintenance can help you avoid loopholes. In most cases, outdated WordPress causes loopholes, maintenance issues, and site takeovers. For those lacking Technical support, hiring WordPress support channels weighs equal importance – at a small, affordable fee possible.

For more information on WordPress, security loopholes, and maintenance issues, ensure you've browsed our data for WordPress performance, error removals, and efficiency.