The number of Shopify stores is increasing every day and so is the competition between them to acquire customers and boost sales. Marketers always search for the latest and most effective marketing tools that can help them to achieve these goals. Every store uses different marketing tools like social media, emails, content marketing, advertising, push notifications, and more. But you need to know how to use these marketing channels effectively to increase Shopify store sales. 

Why Push Notifications to Boost Shopify Store Sales?

The common issues faced by Shopify stores to boost sales are abandonment carts, stock-outs, retaining customers, building trust, and more. In former days marketers used email marketing to retarget users. The effectiveness of this technique is decreased as 50% of emails are landing in spam folders. But this is not the case with push notifications as they are displayed on the user’s screens.

Push notifications are powerful marketing tools that can convert your visitors into subscribers and then to potential customers. For example, let us consider the journey of online shoppers. A new visitor sees your social media post or website advertisement and clicks on the store link. The users browse your website, products, shipping costs, and more. In many cases, the user never purchases products on their first visit as modern customers always check other options. If you don’t have a re-engagement tool to bring them back, then you are losing an opportunity. 

One of the efficient ways to re-engage your users is the push notification service. You can prompt the opt-in while visitors browse your website and get a chance to connect. Marketers can send regular updates that have the potential to engage users and turn them into loyal customers.

Reasons to Use Push Notifications for Boosting Shopify Store Sales

Reach Shoppers

Marketers can reach audiences instantly by landing on their device browsers even when they are not on the app or website. For example, a Shopify merchant has sent marketing campaigns using push notifications and emails. There are chances that your promotional emails land in the spam folders which is not the case with push notifications.


You can automatically reach your customers using push notifications. Shopify merchants can push notifications of shipping details, cart abandonment, stock alerts, and more.

Imagine, one of your customers added products to the cart and left without purchasing. So, you can automatically send cart abandonment push notifications after a specific time delay.

High click and open rates

Push notifications have higher click and open rates than other marketing tools. So, you can remind customers about your brand regularly and never miss the chance to reach audiences.


The effective Shopify push notification tools give you the privilege of analyzing the results of your campaigns. You can check the views, clicks, reach rate, and more. These help to optimize your push notification’s content, timings, and frequency.

Push Notifications Campaign Ideas to Increase Shopify Store Sales

There is no one suit for all campaigns in push notifications. You need to understand customer's purchase behaviour and interest to create push notification campaigns that can re-engage and make them convert. Here are a few push notifications campaign ideas for Shopify stores that can help in increasing sales.

Before starting a push notification campaign you need to increase the subscribers. You can easily increase subscribers of push notifications unlike emails or social media. You can check our detailed article on increasing opt-in of push notifications.

Take the Leverage of the Welcome Notification

Whenever a new visitor subscribes to your push notification service you can send an automated welcome notification with a discount coupon on their first purchase. Marketers can also implement this technique in opt-in prompts. This strategy has the potential to increase user engagement and conversion rate. Also, statistics say that 89% of visitors will try a new brand if offered a discount coupon.

To see in numbers, let us say an online store has 50 new subscribers every day and 10% of them are using welcome coupons to make their purchase. Then you have 5 new customers and purchases by utilizing your welcome notification.

In the below example, you can see the discount content in the opt-in prompt. It creates interest among visitors to purchase and subscribe.

Here is another example of adding a discount coupon in the welcome notification to boost sales.

Cart Abandonments

Abandoned carts are one of the main reasons for the loss of Shopify store's revenue. Customers with a wide range of options for one product tend to browse numerous online stores, add products to their cart and leave the store without making a purchase. This typical behaviour of shoppers has increased the cart abandonment rate to 68% and is increasing every year.

You can bring back these shoppers using an automatic web push notifications service. You can create interest by providing complimentary samples, loyalty points, stock running out, and more. It can create urgency and bring customers back to make the conversion.

For example, a visitor has added products reaches the checkout section in your Shopify store and leaves without making payments. In this case, you can send a push notification reminding them about the cart.

Back-In Stock Notifications

Back-in-stock push notifications have the potential to bring back your customers and make them convert. These campaigns show high chances of conversion as the customer is already interested in the products. It is very useful when a particular product from your brand is popular as the customers can wait for you without turning to the competitors.

You can integrate your Shopify store with a push notification plugin and inform customers automatically when their wishlist product is back in stock.

For example, a visitor checks your Shopify store, browses, and finds out-of-stock labels on favourite products. In this case, you can ask the user to subscribe to your notification service for back-in-stock updates and notify them automatically.

Boost Sales Using Upsell & Cross-Sell

Upselling and cross-selling is the perfect marketing strategy that can boost your Shopify store sales by 20%. In this case, you can send recommended products as per user purchase with the shipping alert notifications. Marketers can push notifications to their subscribers with lookbook links that contain images of complementing clothes, footwear, and accessories from their brand. It is a great strategy for upselling marketing.

Let us imagine, a customer has purchased a mobile phone from an online electronics store. The store can send recommendations for Bluetooth headphones with shipping alerts. When you can implement your upsell or cross-sell strategy intelligently, you are not only boosting sales but also customer lifetime value with the brand.

Send notifications about New Collections and arrivals

Shout out about your new collection using push notification campaigns to encourage your users. You can also create urgency by providing limited-period offers on these latest arrivals. Marketers can optimize push notification content, images, time, and frequency to get a good view and click rate. Shopify merchants can also send prior notifications about the launch to create curiosity and mouth marketing. You can simply push notifications from your Shopify push notifications plugin to notify subscribers. 

Below is the push notification example of a fashion store about their new collection for the special season.

Event or Seasonal Discounts

Event or seasonal sales create the “Fear of Missing Out” situation and attract customers to make purchases. You can conduct flash sales during these special or occasional seasons that have the potential to perform best to increase Shopify sales. You can make this campaign time-bound to create more urgency.

For example, have a huge collection of traditional apparel and are unable to make proper sales during festive seasons. The Shopify merchants can provide more discounts on the products and boost sales.

Send Price Alerts Using Push Notifications

The price plays a major role in customer decisions. So, when you push notifications to the user about a price drop of their favorite products there are high chances they come back and make a purchase.

Imagine, you have visited an online store, checked a few products but haven’t purchased them because of the budget range, and added it to the wishlist category. In this case, you would like to return back to the store page when you receive a price drop notification on the product.

The below image is a push notification from an online home decor store notifying the price drop on the dining table product.

Many online stores in different industries like electronics, beauty, fashion, travel, and more are using push notifications to increase their sales. The above-mentioned strategies work for every industry if you can integrate your Shopify store with the best push notification tool.

To Sum Up

These are some of the working ways to increase Shopify store sales by engaging customers with eCommerce websites. Sign up with the best web push notifications service to send personalized push notifications with relevant timing and frequency. You can use all the mentioned tricks together and increase the conversion rate.