Effective communication is as important to your clients as it is to the advancement of your business, regardless of its size. This is why it is important to employ every tool available to reach out to both existing and potential clients.

Having a powerful tool like push notifications – which harnesses the undeniable expansion of the mobile devices – gives businesses an edge by providing producers with ways of effectively communicating with their customer base and increase in the potential customer influx.

In this topic, we examine the benefits of Push Notifications and its place in businesses:

5 Ways Push Notifications Could Advance Your Business

Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in ensuring a strong customer base and the upsurge in the popularity of push notifications provides businesses with numerous benefits. Here, we explore some of the benefits of employing push notifications.

  • Effective Communication

Exposing the right information to your existing customer base and beyond is advantageous in expanding your business or a brand. Giving users gentle reminders on offers and promotions helps to increase the traffic on your website or an app.

Push notifications software tools allow you to engage your customers through direct real-time messages. With this tool, you get to communicate with users while relegating concerns of your emails being treated as spam or ignored to the backseat.

  • Harness Wider Browser Platforms

Recent studies have shown that sites such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome all combined take up more than 70% of the total market share. Using a push notification service on these browsers allow you to extend your reach to a larger percentage of the market.

Undoubtedly, the majority of push notification tools have to support these browsers. So, when looking to market on bigger platforms, leveraging a web push notification tool gives you a wider reach.

  • Insights on Customer Behavior

When choosing to launch campaigns or send broadcast messages, it is important to note your target audiences. Targeting is important for effective online brand building and marketing. This is why gaining sufficient insights on customer behavior, reactions and perspective is important.

Gathering information on customer’s behavior, location and related activities let you set appropriate messages at the correct time to the correct demographics, meeting their requirements. In response to this, a recent study on push notifications revealed that location-based messages tend to triple the conversion rates.

Thus, engaging push notifications as a marketing strategy allows room for more conversion rates and more user engagement. Hence, by tracking the various actionable metrics associated with push notifications such as open rate, click-through rates, and time, you get to leverage the data available for initiating the better campaigns.

  • Increased Conversion Rates

Providing crucial messages on time, keeps a user aware and informed, prompting him to consider this tool, an important and integral method for timely updates. This, for sure would shoot up the click-through rates and open rates.

According to a recent study by Urban Airship, app retention rates are 3 to 10 times increased through high-valued personalized push notifications. By sending short but important reminders, personalized to a customer’s needs, would provide your customers with a reason to continue engaging with your product and driving traffic rather than opting out from irrelevant and disturbing notifications.

Subsequently, an increase in traffic results in high retention rates which will also effectively boost up the conversion rate.

  • Improved Brand Consistency and Integrity

By sending consistent but unobtrusive notifications on last-minute deals and other special offers, push notifications are a powerful marketing tool that seeks to increase the integrity of your brand. Leveraging push notifications for providing timely value-added notifications about what your brand has to offer users help improve your brand consistency.

Push notifications form a complementary marketing background that allows you to send messages with brand logos present in the messages. Thus, customers are able to associate every timely and value-added message with your brand – which subsequently drives the user’s engagement.

Why Push Notifications are Useful for Your Business

Push notifications – both mobile and web – are one of the most efficient marketing strategies for businesses. Leveraging the power of timely, well-structured and relevant messages gives you over a sea of businesses with similar interests.

Statistics have shown that about 90% of the average mobile user’s time is spent using various apps. Hence, using push notifications and strategic planning, you get to engage the interest of your existing customer base and advance into the ever-expanding digital world.

The bottom line remains that push notifications have the potential to not only reach out to your current audiences but also spread out to a wider band – thus advancing traffic, reach, conversion rates and unfailingly, your business.

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