“Collecting data is a critical parameter to achieve a segmentation goal”.

You‘ve earned your customers and a huge chunk of data in a considerable amount of time. Your emails, notifications, and other campaigns are reaching the whole directory of your customers. But, your strategies are failing consecutively even after working so hard on your Product and its other functionalities. What is that one important practice you are missing?

Segmentation is the savior!

Segmentation means dividing the whole into smaller subsets. Dividing your customer base according to their needs, behavior, and attitude is called customer segmentation. A set of customers share common characteristics, which if utilized properly, would help to retain and re-engage them. It’s a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy to keep meeting the excellent result. Why exactly segmentation is needed is very simple to understand.

For example, if an old customer shows up in your store and you show him the same product again and again, he will switch to some other store to explore other new products. And if, a new customer enters your store and you try to sell him your expensive and premium products, where his budget is low. Demands will be unmet and retention will go down the slope.

That’s the reason, segmentation is studied and used by various organizations to target specific products to the specific user segment. Truepush has an organized segmentation feature where you can classify your users based on the segmentations provided.

Also, a user can create his own new segment!
To create a new User Segment apart from the existing one, Custom Tags can be utilized wherein you can provide your tag name, data type and value to create your own segments.

There are various reputed brands who joined us on our journey to provide free-forever notification tools. Segmentation is one of the prominent features of Truepush among others such as RSS-to-push, unlimited subscribers, unlimited projects, real-time reporting, multi-browser support, unlimited tags, etc. Our clients have marked a significant increase in their conversion rates by sending Push Notification which is highly segmented and focuses on a particular band of users.

According to research, 76% of consumers expect a business to be aware
of their preferences and needs.

If you are aware of  your customers’ preferences, they will appreciate it and this appreciation will go a long way in building up an LTV( lifetime value)

Creating exceptionally targeted notifications have much higher open and click-through rates. Segmentation help marketers to identify a group of customers and build the strategies based on the location of their customer’s journey. Segmenting should be the first priority before sending push messages to your users. It will reduce the audience size but increases the ROI generated from the specific segment.

Truepush has a brilliant segmentation feature that covers your foremost segmentation needs such as dividing your customers on the basis of OS, Country, Browser, Day of the week, Hour of the day, Subscription date, Last visit date, Platform, State, City, etc.

Take a look at our segmentations below!

  • Segments we provide-
dashboard of Truepush showing segmentation feature for push notifications
Segmentations provided by Truepush
  • Custom Segments-

    Custom tags for segmentation provided by Truepush
    Custom tags from Truepush for personalized segmentation.


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