Change Optin Frequency in Truepush

Signup/login into Truepush, to change opt-in settings. Now go to the dashboard click on the “Settings” tab as per the screenshot below.


Under  “Actions” click on the “pencil icon” (edit button).

Then scroll down a little and you will see the Ask Opt-in after (in seconds).

Under ask opt-in after(in seconds), you will find three options.

Page Refresh: If you select “Page refresh” the opt-in box pop-up will be shown when the user refreshes the page, if the user clicks on the “Not Now” option.

New Session: If you select  “New Session” option then when the user clicks on “Not Now” button on the opt-in box pop-up shows on your website then the pop-up will not be shown till the user closes his browser and again visit your website.

Spec. Time: Here, you can see “Hours and Minutes“, there you can give time for when to ask the user for Ask Opt-in when the user visits your website.

Do let us know how this feature helped you out, feel free to share your feedback.

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