Create New Application ( and website/mobile app)

Once you log in to your account, you will see a welcome screen. Click on Create Application


Once you click it, you will get a prompt to add your application name (For Example – Truepush)


Creating a new Website


Once you add, you will see a screen to add your website or mobile app

Click on the application type you want to go with (web, android)


select platform(web/android) -> add details -> download/copy * code) -> push notification setup -> Create your first push notification

Create your website

Once you have clicked on Simple website in the platform creation (add platform). You will be shown a screen like below.

  • Give your complete URL (eg:https://
  • Give your website name (eg: TruePush)
  • Select your category

Upload your website Icon (File size should less than 2048Kb.)

Select the Opt-in style of your choice. To learn more about Opt-in style click here

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