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IndiaGlitz is a premium online media company that delivers trending news from the Indian entertainment industry. IndiaGlitz caters to over 5 million active users in different languages, viz. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and Kannada. It also delivers exclusive content from various industries like Hollywood, Tollywood and other leading industries.

Readers across various regions show up on IndiaGlitz. It simplifies their experience by showing a notification pop-up on the website and let them choose their preferred language out of Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, English, and Hindi.

                                     Simplifying with Segmentations

various campaigns sent by IndiGlitz
IndiaGlitz created language segmentation by using Truepush notification tool

Language Segmenting helped IndiaGlitz to organize its users coming from different demographics in huge numbers. IndiaGlitz could reach their users with latest updates and trendy news, connect with them using vernaculars and penetrate locally in the country.

All this was made possible by using the Segmentation feature available with Truepush.

Segmentation means to segregate users into cohorts, which are definable, actionable, profitable, and possibly have growth potential. In other words, the company would find it difficult to target the entire market, as it may lead to high user churn rate. A user sticks to brands if communication is contextual and relevant to their needs, taste or any specific characteristic.

With Truepush it is easy to segmentize its users into Place, Browser, Country, City, State, Hour of the day, Last visited, etc. Segmentation helped IndiaGlitz to reach the relevant audience, hence, boost their engagement. IndiaGlitz sends more than 40 campaigns out of which nearly 80% of them are focused on the vernacular audience. It has bagged a huge readership from Tamil followed by Telugu Segment.

IndiaGlitz sends more than 40 campaigns in different languages to its diversified audience as pictured below.

notification statistics
various campaigns sent by IndiGlitz


Segmentation feature has helped IndiaGlitz to earn dedicated subscribers from over 165 countries, who are using 18 different browsers to view its content.

Truepush helps us bring back 15% of users to our website. 
This is the traffic which we get effortlessly using their push services. 
Their segmentation process is easy to implement and allows us to
 differentiate users based on their language preferences. 
We send daily updates to these segmented users and the relevancy 
helps us gaining good engagement.
Arul Sudarshanam, Lead - Technologies at Vanse Infotech Pvt Ltd. 

With contextual push notifications, Indiaglitz has acquired 3X engagement which otherwise would not have been possible without a powerful segmentation feature.

statistics of IndiaGlitz by using Truepush notification service
Delivery stats of IndiaGlitz.

The stats shown above indicates how Indiaglitz push vernacular news to their audience using segmentation features and to capture the attention of their users. The numbers indicate higher conversions since the audience connects with their regional language and Segmentation feature by Truepush makes it even more easy to group audiences are per your choice.

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