Sending a Notification

* You can check the preview on your right as you give your inputs in the fields for notification. Notification Title: Enter the notification title as needed, this comes as a heading in bold.Notification Message:  Enter the n […]


TruePush Dashboard

TruePush Dashboard consists of the following tabs.

  • Create new notification
  • Dashboard
  • Campaigns[…]


How to use RSS to Push Notifications in Truepush

RSS to Push is a simple tool for content blogs and websites. This will automatically send a push notification to your users whenever you have a new post in your RSS feed. Enter the blog/website name […]


Create a Welcome Notification

Once you have created opt-in type, create a welcome notification. Whenever a user opts-in to your website, this notification will be sent immediately welcoming the user. Give notification title. Give Notification Message[…]



Migrate existing users opt-ins

We have a very seamless migration process. Due to the way Web Push Notifications works when your site is HTTP you cannot migrate data from one service to another. We suggest that you install the Truepush website SDK onto your site. Then send a message to[…]


 Opt-in settings

We have two types of opt-ins broadly. One way Opt-in. One way Opt-in is where browser directly asks the user if they would like to receive the notification. Two Way Opt-in. We have 4 types of browser opt-ins: Box Notification. Bell Notification your website.[…]


How to change existing Opt-in style

To change the existing Opt-in style is a very simple and easy process, just follow the following steps. Login to your Truepush app and at the bottom left corner click on the tab called “Settings”.[…]


Create a New Application (and website/mobile app)

Once you log in to your account, you will see a welcome screen. Click on Create Application. Once you click it, you will get a prompt to add your application name (For Example – Truepush). Creating a new Website. Once you  […]


How to use GDPR function on Truepush

You need to take consent from your users to use any tool that may involve the use of cookies or using their Data according to GDPR. To help you get there. We made a few changes to the product and our te[…]



How to delete a “Platform” or “Project”

If you have ever wanted to remove an existing “Platform” or “Project” there is a very simple way of doing so. Follow the steps to delete “Platform. Login into truepush and open the project that you want to delete and click on “Settings” on the left-hand corner.[…]


Way to Add Test User to your TruePush Dashboard

The process to add new test user to your TP dashboard is by following the method below: Firstly, login/signup into your TP account. From your dashboard go to setting page by clicking on “Settings” in the left-hand bar. Click on the “add new test user” on the right side under “Actions” of the Platforms.[…]


Add Custom Tag to HTTP   

After you have integrated your TruePush code into your website there is optional code for custom code. Copy the “Add Tag” Code from your TruePush Dashboard.[…] 



How to create .P12 certificate for Safari push notifications

Here are the details to create and upload a .P12 certificate from your apple account. It will take you a few minutes to create.[…]