Sending a Notification

* You can check the preview on your right as you give your inputs in the fields for notification

Notification Title: Enter the notification title as needed, this comes as a heading in bold

Notification Message:  Enter the notification Message, this comes after the notification title.

Landing page URL: Once the user clicks on the notification, the user will be redirected the URL you are giving them.

Platforms views for the notifications:


















Notification Images:

Notification Icon: This comes on the left side of the notification. Generally, company logo goes there

Notification Images: Images notifications catches the eye of the user. You can insert an image that will be shown below the text

Notification Data:

utm_source: This is generally from where the notification is coming from. (for eg: we are giving it ‘Browser’ as default

utm_medium:  This is generally shown from which medium this is coming, here we are showing it as notification’ by default’

utm_campaign: This is a system generated unique campaign number to identify this campaign but you can feel free to change it


Search Tags: You can add one or more search tags for your campaign so it will be easier for you to search for campaigns with particular tags and asses them.


Button: You can include one or two buttons for  your notification as per your choice

Button Text: Enter button text that you want it on the button

Button Link: For a user to be redirected to a specific URL, you can give the button link here.

Button Icon: You can enter the button icon that appears left to the button


Add New button: If you want to have a second button, go for it. It has the same components as above.

The timing for notification:

Schedule the notification: Schedule the notification if you want it to go at a specific time/day.

Disappear notification when a user closes: Normally every browser has a different time for notification if a user doesn’t take any action, if you select this option, the notification will stay on till user takes an action.

Campaign expires: If you want the campaign to stop after a particular time, check this option and schedule an end date for your campaign.

Send Notification to test users or to everyone subscribed (you can add test users from your settings)

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