RSS featured image is a WordPress plug-in that helps you to add a featured image into your RSS feed while using Truepush notifications.
Using a featured image on RSS feed notification is a common practice to make a feed appear appealing and engaging. By default, the tag for the featured image can not be crawled by our machine as it is saved as a different name, and thus, can not be recognized by our RSS feed engine. We recommend using WordPress plugins that can solve the issue of the featured image.

Below is the procedure to follow after installing the plugin-

  1. Install the plugin from the link provided.


  1. Activate the plug-in in the installed plugins page as shown below by clicking on the “Activate” tab under the plugin name.

3. Add a new post with a featured image to your WordPress website as shown in an example below.

Featured image on a Truepush WordPress blog post

3.1 This is how a featured image appears on the WordPress website while creating a post.

4. On the Truepush dashboard, add the RSS feed of the new post you have created. Ignore, if the feed exists already. 


  1. After uploading the new post, search and click on the RSS feed of the new post.
  2. A new page will open up. Check if the post has “<media: content>” tag present for the new featured image that you have added as shown below.
check for <“media:content”> tag.

7. Finally, check for the notification with an image popup (if you have allowed notification on your website) on your device. For example, as shown in the image below.


Push Notification with a featured image



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