How to delete a “Platform” or “Project”

If you have ever wanted to remove an existing “Platform” or “Project” there is a very simple way of doing so. Follow the steps to delete “Platform”

  1. Login into truepush and open the project that you want to delete and click on “Settings” on the left-hand corner.

2. In “Actions” select the “trash can” icon as it is the “delete” button and a pop-up will appear.

3. If you are sure that you want to delete the platform then select “Yes” or select “No”.

4. This is the page that will appear after deleting the platform. press or the grid icon on the top right corner next to the project name to go back to all “Project”

5. This is how it will appear after deleting the platform.

6. If you want to delete a project this is the method to do so. Select the “trash can” button and a popup will appear.

7. You will be prompted to either select “Yes” or “No” based on your choice select an option.

8. If you selected “Yes” then the Project will be deleted.

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