One of the common questions I get from SEO & marketing enthusiasts is, how to become a digital marketing freelancer in 2020 and that question isn’t surprising. India has the second-highest population of freelancers in the world- an estimated 18 million to 20 million. Furthermore, digital marketing is projected to become the fastest growing industry in India. Therefore, there is a high demand for SEO freelancers. 

Why SEO Freelancers?

I respond to such questions about becoming a freelance digital marketer in a slightly different manner. There’s a strong reason for my response. Firstly, digital marketing is a collection of various offline and online processes. And secondly, nobody can specialize in every digital marketing process. With the current expanding pace of marketing industries, freelancers would be in very high demand, and thus, of the utmost help to start a career in SEO marketing. 

Therefore, I’d suggest that becoming an SEO freelancer in 2020 is the best one to choose from the digital marketing pool as SEO is one of the integral and important parts of the digital marketing arena. 

Follow these important tips to become an SEO freelancer in 2020 and beyond.

Tips to Become SEO Freelance

  • Take Paid or Unpaid Internships

Paid or unpaid internships are the best way to acquire and fine-tune your Search Engine Optimization or SEO skills. Of course, you will learn SEO theory and get some on-hands training while studying digital marketing. But these aren’t just enough to become an SEO expert.

An internship gives excellent opportunities to rub shoulders with qualified and experienced digital marketers, especially SEOs. And you learn a lot of tips and tweaks from them that any digital marketing course usually won’t teach. 

Secondly, an internship of three to six months also provides the vital on-hands experience in performing SEO under pressure and in various situations such as meeting tight deadlines. These skills will prove very useful to become an SEO freelancer in 2020.

  • Get International Certifications

Did you know there’re as many as 12 to 14 international certifications available for digital marketing course? And these international certificates are from top companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Hubspot, and others. You need to apply for these free international certifications online and pass the online test.

There’s a distinct advantage of getting these international certifications. Firstly, you need to upgrade your skills frequently to maintain and renew these international certifications by passing a yearly test. Secondly, a lot of international certifications on your profile on a job portal or own website speaks very well about your skills.

  • Develop Your Network

Nowadays, it goes without saying that you need a superb LinkedIn profile that will impress a client or employer to hire you as an SEO freelancer. Therefore, start building your LinkedIn profile now or wait till you acquire the necessary skills through internships or jobs. A professional network is very important for finding excellent, high-paid tasks on every freelance work portal. Because prospective employers will check your LinkedIn profile.

Also, a good network of SEO professionals means you have access to a large talent pool across the world. There’s no shortage of SEOs in almost every country that would willingly network with you on LinkedIn. While some of these would-be professionals working since long at giant corporations, others would be beginners and some famous freelancers. Often, you can find freelancing jobs in SEO through this professional network. Or you can request any information or solution from the professional network if you’re stuck somewhere in your work.

  • Get References

References play a very important role in getting your SEO jobs. And as the competition for freelancer SEOs becomes hotter in 2020 and beyond, you’ll require quite a few excellent references too, if you’re serious about the profession. Therefore, get references from faculty members where you did your digital marketing course as well as from the place of your internship.

Here it’s important not to overdo the references thing. Because you might end up looking like a fake. Instead, just provide a few but excellent references that you believe would help get you more tasks as an SEO expert. However, if you have own website or blog, you can provide as many references as you like. That helps attract more clients for your freelance SEO work.

  • In Conclusion

The competition in the freelance SEO market is very strong. To become a successful SEO marketing expert in 2020, it’s important that you must have a grasp on all the tools and techniques to portray yourselves as an efficient SEO master. Also, keep updating yourself with the current trends in marketing that are interlinked with the SEO. 

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