E-commerce websites are in awe by seeing the conversion rates it can reap using Push Notifications. This micro-marketing notification tool is producing commendable outputs whether its in customer re-engagement or their retention. When diverse products can be sold to varied audiences through a platform, there arises a requirement to retarget the audience to receive a lifetime value.

Website push notifications enable e-commerce platforms to send push instead of diverting its time and resources for making an app. (Smart decision!)

The push notification is a brief and crisp message that appears directly on a user’s screen without them searching for it i.e. when the customers are not browsing the website. E-commerce websites can leverage this tool to communicate with and re-target its potential customers, thus, brings them down the sales funnel for an easy and simplified purchase. 

According to a study, only 27% of retailers analyze shopper’s browsing behavior and 59% are unaware of the average buyer drop-out rates.

E-commerce giants such as Flipkart have seen an increase of 70% in conversion rates by sending Push Notification to update its tremendous user base about offers, freebies, discounts or any new products. Analysing Cart abandonment is now crucial as it can cost billions to E-commerce platforms. Let us explore one by one how and where a push notification can be used to yield commendable results.

How can E-commerce platforms actually use Push Notification? 

Using Triggers

Triggers are actionable notifications you can schedule at a selective time period. It creates a sense of urgency in the users and incites them to make a purchase.

Timely Triggers

Food is to humans as time is to triggers. Triggers must and should be sent at the correct timings since it plays an important role in the conversion.

For example, if a customer is searching for a particular air conditioner to purchase from the e-commerce website and he left without making any purchase. Triggers would only be helpful if sent at the time the customer is surfing for a product. Scheduling triggers at the time when a customer is offbeat would instead harm the growth of your users.

Truepush provides a feature of sending triggers at your preferred timings. You can smoothly select the timing to send triggers to your customers after they subscribe to your website.

Trigger Frequency 

Triggers can be sent for once or repeated depending on the purchase scenario. It is essential to understand the trigger frequency since excess, or even scarce frequency might not lead to a positive response.

If a user makes a repeated purchase, sending repeated trigger comes handy as shown below.

There is even an option to set triggers on multiple dates. If a sales offer is there for three days, it’s advisable to send triggers every day, and thus, drive maximum buyers down the sales funnel. One single trigger can result in an extraordinary output!


Segmented Triggers

If you are an e-commerce platform, you must be aware of how audience segmentation is the most prominent factor which can create a significant difference in driving user re-engagement and yield a strong conversion rate.



You can import the existing segments that you use to push out the regular notifications or create a new one exclusively for your triggers. To learn in detail how segmentation is the best practice for re-targeting, you can read here.

Feature Rich Triggers

Rich notifications are the first impressions. Adding images and emojis in your triggers can augment the purchase decision of the users. Truepush dashboard allows you to import the existing templates or you can create a new one as well.



Use Case scenarios for Push Notification in E-commerce platforms

Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment refers to a user leaving the website page before making the desired purchase. Analysing Cart abandonment is now crucial as it can cost billions to E-commerce platforms. 

 Truepush Notifications can be employed to bring back the lost visitors by sending quick reminders to customers about their previous incomplete purchase.

Update Shipment details to buyers

Shipment notification help track the buyers about their purchase orders smoothly. Notify about the delivery time or delay in the delivery schedule.


Customized offers based on user behavior.

If a user spends a considerable amount of time searching on a particular product, based on his purchase trajectory, send him a personalized message just like Flipkart does.

Also, discounts can be made available to the customers by analyzing the activity in real-time. Send them the latest bestsellers or new ethnic arrivals in the stores. Personalized notifications give users a reason to come back to your website and make another purchase, and thus, shoot up the re-engagement

Notify instantly about New Arrivals

Sending push about new arrivals helps to divert high traffic on your website and sends your customers down the sales funnel quickly.


Sales offers!

Quickly inform your users about sales offers and discover a sudden hike in the purchase.

Segmented notification

Send notifications based on the segments we already provide or create your own new custom segments. You can read here why segmentation plays a crucial role in sending push notifications.

Push your blogs for added advantage

Every blog you post on your website can be easily pushed out through notifications, thus, instantly notifying your users.
Provide rich experience to your users now for free!

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