Migrate existing users opt-ins

We have a very seamless migration process.

Due to the way Web Push Notifications works when your site is HTTP you cannot migrate data from one service to another. We suggest that you install the Truepush website SDK onto your site. Then send a message to your existing subscribers to get them to come back and resubscribe with TruePush on your site.

If your site is HTTPS and your users were subscribed to your site directly (not a subdomain), then those previously subscribed users will be automatically resubscribed upon revisiting your site with Truepush installed.

  1. Remove your previous Push Provider’s code from your site. Including their service workers.
  2. Follow our Code integration Setup.

WordPress Users: Follow our WordPress Setup and “Automatically prompt new site visitors to subscribe to push notifications”. Don’t forget to save when you are done.

  1. Test your site to make sure you can subscribe and show up in the Truepush Dashboard. Then you can send a final notification to your current users. Upon revisiting your site, your subscribed users will now show up in your Truepush Dashboard.

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