Time takes the lead

The delivery time matters. The success rate for Push Notifications is linked to its delivery time. It’s imperative to understand what timings work for your platform to send out a push. To hit a sweet spot on a customer’s side, one needs to study the happy-hours of their customers and shoot up the click-through rates. Your users might be present across different time zones. Sending timely notifications can bring your customers to your platform and re-engages them.

Optimal Click-through rates(CTR)

The click-through rate is the ratio of the number of clicks a push notification receives to the total number of views on a page.
It can be easily tracked from the Truepush dashboard.

Since its launch 20 years ago, Futooro has been passionately serving with astrology and divinatory art to connect with its dedicated and large user base. It recently engaged with Truepsuh and started sending out the quality Push Notifications. Futooro’s user spectrum has widened and a notable increase in its audience is visible after employing the Push Notification tool.

As Futooro is a website concentrated in horoscopes, tarot, zodiac signs and numerology, its users need to be updated in all these sections frequently on a daily basis. The click-through rates illustrate the effectiveness of the campaigns being sent to the users.

The click-through rate is not a constant parameter. As per our research, it changes with industries such as for education platform it is 3%, for eCommerce platforms, it can be between 5- 8%, for healthcare/medical, it is around 1.5%, for financial, it is 6-9%, and for marketing, it is 2.5-3.5%. However, after digging deeper into multiple pieces of research, white papers, and surveys on CTR, we have found that CTR for Push Notifications in the lifestyle, media & entertainment domain is 1.72%.

Truepush allows Futooro to acquire on an average of 3.14% CTR which is close to 3X the average CTR and sets a powerful benchmark in its realm.

Futooro started using Truepush from march 2019 and now, schedules & sends close to 10 notifications per day. Truepush allows Futooro to makes use of rich emojis and pictures in its notifications which establishes a quick and responsive bond with a user, and thus results in high click-through rates.

Truepush also helped Futooro to send notifications in different languages to connect with its multilingual customers. Here, the language segmentation feature helped Futooro to categorize its diversified demographics into Spanish and worldwide segments.

Features such as scheduling, sending rich notifications using emojis and pictures, and multi-lingual support from Truepush helped Futooro provide a competitive edge over other similar platforms in its domain.

Futooro’s constantly increasing campaign performance helped them uncover new strategies to keep intensifying its user base and sets high and challenging standards in the lifestyle and entertainment industry.

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