How to use RSS to Push Notifications in Truepush

RSS to Push is a simple tool for content blogs and websites. This will automatically send a push notification to your users whenever you have a new post in your RSS feed.

In Rss to Push, We have the following fields:

  1. Enter RSS Name & Enter RSS Link
  2. Delay Notification (In minutes) 
  3. Select Segment
  4. Campaign Interval (In minutes)*
  5.  Show the website icon as campaign icon
  6. RSS Links
  7. The priority of taking Icon and Big Image from your RSS Feed

The following are the uses of each feature.

Enter RSS Name & Enter RSS Link

Enter your Desired RSS Name in the first field. In the RSS link, give the RSS link of your blog.

For Example: 

RSS Name: Economic Times top stories 

RSS Link:

Delay Notification (In minutes):

It will help you delay the notification after your story comes into your RSS Feed. For Example: Let’s say you set Delay Notification by 60 Mins.

If you publish an article at 8.30 AM (and assuming your RSS link gets updated immediately). The RSS to Push notification about your new blog will go by 9.30AM. 

Select Segment:

You can choose to send the notifications coming from your RSS Feed to a particular segment. Under this Segment, you can either choose an Existing Segment or create a new one directly from here. (you can check more about Segments here)

Campaign Interval( In Mins) l:

This will help you determine the minimum time interval between sending two notifications.

Example:  You have published your articles at 8.30 AM  

Let’s say your Delay in notification is 60 mins.

Ideally, both your notifications should go at 9.30 AM. But if you keep a Campaign Interval of 30 mins. Then the first notification from the RSS link will go at 9.30 AM and the second one at 10:00 AM

Show website icon as campaign icon

If you want your Website Icon to be your default Campaign Icon, you can select this option.

RSS Links:

You can see the existing RSS links under this. You can also Edit, Pause or delete your existing RSS Segments.

The priority of taking Icon and Big Image from your RSS Feed

For Icon, here is how we take priority (from the RSS Feed structure)

  1. i)   rss->channel->item->icon
  2. ii)  rss->channel->image

iii) website icon (if use user tick the checkbox while adding RSS feed)

For Image, here is how we take priority (from the RSS Feed structure)

  1. i)     rss->channel->item->image->url
  2. ii)    rss->channel->item->enclosures

iii)   rss->channel->item->media:content

  1. iv)   rss->channel->item->media:thumbunail
  2. v)   rss->channel->item->thumbunail

Example: In the following, format iv) will be used (RSS feed from IndiaGiltz Telugu RSS Feed – )


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