TruePush Integration using Google Tag Manager

1. Sign up/log in

First, you have to either sign up/log in to TruePush and get the sw.js file uploaded into your root file. To do that you should have either access to the server in which the files are uploaded.

Here some of the methods to do that:

Filezilla Transfer



and many other

2.Log into your google tag manager

After that log into your google tag manager and goto workspace and then add a  new tag.


3. Choose Tag Type

Then choose a tag type for this “CUSTOM HTML”.


4. Copy SDK code

Here go to TruePush Dashboard and in code integration and press the copy in the top right of the code and paste it in the tag.


5. Change the title

Here you can change the title of the tag but for an understanding of the tag save it as “sw.js”.


6.Adding a Trigger

Here you can add a trigger to your tag for it to execute the tag into the website.


7. Save the Tag

Now you can save the tag.


8. Submit the new tag

Now submit the new tag.


9. Choose the publish and live in the submit page

Choose the publish and create a version and also live at the bottom you can give version name and version descriptions as well.


10. Publish

Hit Publish and it is done.


This is how it should appear after publishing.